Surging Re-visted

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  1. Today I finally got to go work on the car a little..checked grounds they were checked TPS reading they looked right on...I do want to buy a new TPS and IAC...just because I have no idea how old these started right up...runs IT does start right back up but surges wont stay idling..i did notice this time because I watched this time my Air fuel gauge was reading in the 11s idiling..once the car and idle went back to normal so did Air im wondering whats up with that???. also I did notice the idle to wander a little were it was always pretty steady only while it 1st started then the idle seemed o go back to normal took the car for ride man it run good when its
  2. I dont recall, but do you have a custom tune?
  3. yes I read the base idle reset didn't do anything for me...

    Moates QH...but I never liked the tune...I want to do a re-tune with maybe a PMS or have a chip done for it...but I was trying to find why it did this HOT re-start surge...I mean I can video it for you guys never does it when cold just hot....
  4. Dont even consider swapping out the QuarterHorse, just get a real tune. I can send you my guys info, he did an email tune for me and is pretty well known

  5. You should have lead with that info.
  6. Read the base idle reset or read it and APPLIED it?
  7. The part about the QH

  8. I did it 2 times already..

    And guys this car ran fine for 3 yrs with the turbo and stuff it just started this about thinking a bad IAC or TPS...maybe a bad ground...The only thing I changed was my AOD went bad I went to a c4 hated it went back to a Lentech AOD...a few months later this problem occurred...runs fine cold starts fine cold this surging issue starts when the car is hot AND ONLY ON A RE-START after 30 seconds or so the idle goes back to normal or if I keep my foot on the gas for a few seconds so the car doesn't stall or surge then its fine again I can drive the car runs great...then if I stop shut it off get gas etc etc go to re-start it bingo does the surge again...then after a few seconds idles fine drives great...shut the car off starts all over again...weird is all I have to say....
  9. Ok, you've got the QH, save a few datalogs of this happening and post em up
  10. I have nothing to data log this..I had the shop do all the work and there gone now .
  11. How far did you get into the Surging Idle Checklist? Did you read and check all of it or just bits and pieces? Checklist procedures are written so that you start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Skip a step and you might miss just what you needed to find and fix your problem.
  12. I thoight you had a Quarterhorse?
  13. Yeah but I didn't install it I don't have th hardware to data log it...I paid for my car to get done...I picked it up it was turn key...
  14. I pretty much started from the top and worked my way down...I basically did the base idle reset and tps check list...didn't go thru the whole set up...I want to purchase a new TPS and IAC then I will re do the check list...