Surging while driving

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TenorPlayinGuy, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. i was driving to home from work this morning and just cruisin as one does after a long day of work just cruisin down the street when i downshift to second gear to make a turn just after my works parking lot and as i get going at about 3krpm or so (cant really tell as my tachs not working) so around 3 or 4000 rpm the motor would surge if it wasnt under about 70% load or open throttle then again in 3rd and slightly in 4th cant really tell in first as i have a 4cyl tranny and that gear is gone before i notice anything. so what do you guys think this surge could be i just changed my plugs and wires my map sensors vacuum line as it is pretty much wasted as to my theory about that but still no improvement i had to raise my idle to keep the car from surging to death while at stops and its not a good thing to be sitting at a light then having a cop pull next to you and you cant lower your rpms and your car sputters like its getting kicked in the balls to get going. so any info or thoughts would be VERY helpful
  2. TPG, couple of things come to mind. did this all start after you did plugs and vac line? sounds like there is a history of surging,etc.
    you didnt use platinum plugs..? they will mess up idle and high rpms on some cars. if this only happened or got worse after you did the work, double and triple check the work.
    also, after you changed your idle setting (i assume you mechanically turned the screw on the throttle), did you reset the TPS. thats a real good thing to do after you monkey with the idle setting, as it will now be off (turning the idle screw moves the butterfly a smidge, thus changing the "resting" position and corresponding return signal voltage of the TPS).
    give more info and give the tps a shot. takes 3 mins to do.
    good luck
  3. no i changed everything in hopes to find the surge problem i always set my TPS sensor when i change anything with the throttle butterfly position as whether or not my tps ITSELF is bad i dont know but what else comes to mind as to why this happens
    ive changed so far my air filter my spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, and coil, and today i ran some injector cleaner in there too and it slightly fixed it today but its running like theres less power im doing an oil change tommorow and then i guess im gonna put my shocks on too but i really wanted to get this solved tommorow so my timing and all other parts associated with the ignition are getting checked tommorow as i need to fix my tach also
    so any info would greatly be appreciated fellas
  4. i found out what happened... well my passenger side muffler had been ding up a bit and started to fall off... so the backpressure i guess what f***ing it all up, cuz when i tore off the muffle and put a cheapo on there to fix it the car drives like a dream... just like the day i bought it... thanks anyway