Surprise surprise the gbm is asking for advice about women....How do i get over this?

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  1. Ok theres been this chick from work, i wont get into massive details but it boils down to shes been playing games with me for a while now... I didnt know what to do so i came clean and told her i liked her and blah blah blah.... She has continued to play games with me, she is now seeing another guy and STILL playing those games.... I have come to grips with it that she is just bad news and not my type of girl, but i still cant seem to get over it, when i see her car at his house i get jealous and a little upset....

    what do you all do to get over the opposite sex when things go bad???

    -gbm- <------- :(
  2. Beer. I don't know, I've had a similar problem and time helps. Just try to avoid going by his house for one thing.
  3. Don't!

    I certainly would NOT get drunk and tell the guys that she's a ****!:nono:
  4. Been there many times.

    Focus this passion on something else, like your car. It's what I did while in my divorce, resulting in what Chepie is today...

    There are many other women, let her go. If you want to find some real psycho women, try on-line dating!!!!!!

  5. That sounds like some good advice.....

    Man i dont need any help finding the psycho ones :rolleyes: :nonono:

    65stanger: its funney you brought that up, last week up camping she screwed me over big time, she led me on and then when she showed up
    there she brought that guy :( :notnice: :bs: harsh!!

    I then had too much to drink and said some stuff to him.... I said "i know your just going out with her cause you think shes a ****, i just want you to be good to her OK!!" well he musta told her i called her a **** or twisted my words or something cause she got all upset, i appologized and now shes back to playing the games again :bang:

    so right now i am just avoiding her.....

    -gbm- <-------- :spot:
  6. Dump Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Only one problem Gingie........everyone who subscribes to the "Australia" thread was e-mailed your IMs with her in which you agreed to be "just friends"! So I ask...
    Who is the one playing games here??? :nonono:
  8. You are underestimating the power of not giving a damn.

    For further clarification on this miraculous way to be bombarded with women, consult the movie "The Tao of Steve".

    No, I'm not joking. It got me one hell of a wonderful wife. :nice:
  9. Well, I'd like a little clarification on what playing games means exactly. Are we talking flirting? Inappropriate touching? What?

    I say pull the ole reversal, whichever game she's playing, make sure you start it next time instead. In addition to not giving a damn, mention as often as possible within her ear shot about this incredible new girl you've met and you think you're falling in love. Don't over do it, but make sure it is often. Don't lock yourself into specifics, be vague and general, make it seem like you don't want to really talk about it because you don't want to jinx it. Look for every opportunity to include some little tid bit about her in almost any topic anyone brings up like "that's her favorite too". Make sure anytime you are invlolved in a conversation with this girl during the day that right in ther middle of it you look at your watch and exclaim something like "hey, I gotta run and call my girl, I chat at ya later" make it seem like you are always pre-occupied with this other girl that doesn't even exist, almost obsessed. Then, right when you have peaked her interest, go buy a real nice piece of jewelery that you can return, show it to her and ask her for her opinion, "do you think so and so will like this?" Get her writhing in her seat at what a shot she blew getting treated and spoiled like a queen by you. Then, if/when she approaches you for a date, you now have your choice of whether to pursue it and/or dump her or to just let her down hard, easy, whatever you choose really.

    Women are great at playing games with guys, especially since they usually hold all the cards. They know they have what we want and make it seem like they can live without us so it feels like driving on a one way street. Their tactics work just as well against them as they do for them, the problem is most guys can't be bothered to take the time and energy into pulling it off that they do.
  10. Al Bundy's Support group...


    Remember from Married with Children - "NO MAAM"? Time to join! :lol: :rlaugh:

    Maybe I was harsh before, but from my experiences, let her go completely. Don't look back. It's just too crazy, sloppy, and are you that good of keeping track of your own lies and creations? I was played with in my marraige :bang: , and now it's S.O.P. if it doesn't work the first time, it worn't work any other time. She does not want you exclusivelly, or at all, stop making yourself a doormat for her to walk all over you. Grow a spine! :mad: OK, enough there.

    Hey, my Ex lives in Vegas.......... :rlaugh:
  11. gbm. You have got to ignor them. They simply can not handle be ignored.

    Take it from a man that has been with women for 35 years (Remember? Mr. 5000).

    Ignor her and your phone will ring and you can start working on the first time which will eventually lead to 5000 times.


  12. well that was only up for a minute while my friend read it,

    I said that stuff because i didnt want awcwardness at work.... if you read it again notice i told her everything, i told her i was confused,i asked her about all the instantses with her getting jealous about other girls, Im not playing any games, i would like to be friends and i would like to hang out together, i just want the games to stop....

    pak: the games are she comes on to me, not ****ty flirting but real nice girl ****, like she invited to the bar and flirted with me and than half the bar after that... and then invited me over for her b-day party with hot tub and drinks and never called, i mentioned my australia trip and she wanted to come along, i mentioned i ski and she wanted to go skiing sometime, and the camping thing she mentioned shed bring a camper and i could stay in it for the night.... I know the difference between friend and flirting, this was flirting....... as for your tacitics i could do that, but i work with her plus im not very much into playing head games with girls thats probly what makes this hurt like it does.... she led me on severel times for no reason.....

    historic, i have been ignoring her, she pm'd me last night, i kept it brief and short and she asked all the questions.... just now at work she kept looking to see if i was watching her... she walked by purposly several times..... Im not ignoring her to play games im ignoring her cause im a little hurt and if and when she asks ill tell her!!!!

    I pretty much have dumped her, i just wondered if there was a way to forget about her.... :rolleyes:

  13. Take if from ole Uncle Historic.

    Ignor her! Doesn't matter if you want to hop into bed (I realize it will be your first time) or if you want to dump her the plan is still the same. Ignor!

    They absolutely can not stand to be ignored.

  14. One minute or ten.....EVERYONE subscribing to that thread received a copy in their e-mail inbox!:nonono:

  15. oops, my bad i guess....

    haha, ok man,
    it wouldnt be my first time, she is the first girl i actiually genuinly liked.... i think thats what the tough part is....

  16. i would suggest shooting her, but then my luck the rcmp would arrest me for conspiracy to commit murder, and no i dont want to share a cell with you. if you want to date her, ignore her. if you dont want to date her, play mind games with her like being vague about things.
  17. Long story made short. Used, abused and tossed out like yesterday's junk mail several times; by girls I thought I liked; girls I (realistically) just wanted to get in the sack: one girl for whom I bought a diamond. Ended up with a chick that I wasn't immediately in love with; I just realized I had this... hunger for her after a few months. Saw a couple of those "old flames" in the intervening years. Whew - not ONE turned out to be half as good looking as my wife of 20 years....and I still hunger for her.

    Doesn't do you any good right now; but I can tell you it's always survivable. What rules you is inside you - the chick can't control that.

    Still Dreamin'

    BTW - Historic: I'm going for 7500! :nice:
  18. I either drive my 68 'Stang and think about how my Mustang would never put me in that position, or I drink a lot of beer, as I happen to be partaking in the moment, (WooHoo! :cheers: ) and think about how ole' Coors' Light wouldn't treat me like that.

    But never both at the same time!! That seemed to get me into trouble the last two times!!!!
  19. Well then, time is the only thing that will heal it, simply time. Everything else is just a temporary fix or a stall tactic that will eventually make things worse. Amputate and move on, the itch will stop eventually.
  20. glad I'm out of puberty! and happily maried