Surprise surprise the gbm is asking for advice about women....How do i get over this?

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  1. AAAAAAAAy-men!
  2. 3,000,000,000+...... There are over 3 billion women in the world. That's a really cool number. Hell if you strike out 85% of the time that still leaves 450,000,000 women who would gladly give you the hook up. Some of those have to be hot.

    That said, I don't know what you mean by playing games. If she's with someone else, then move on. Even if you can "get home" with her, she's going to be as loyal to you as she has been with him. don't try to get revenge. Don't tell the guy she's with, that she's a **** (unless he's a friend of yours, in which case you have to follow the guy code). Just move on.

    Not like you have 10 years invested in a relationship, 2 kids and a house together. She's just another female person and maybe not a very good one. This is completely surface level and not worth stressing over. Don't get into the jealous thing, it'll just make YOU miserable and maybe get you to do REALLY STUPID THINGS.

    Hang in there, it'll get better. REMEMBER 3,000,000,000+. THAT'S A GOOD NUMBER.
  3. :doh: well this isnt the best way to get over a girl :doh:

    I scene her new bf at the bar with another girl kissing :nice: So me and my bud took full oportunity and broke them up :nonono: now tonight im going on a date with her :nonono: :rolleyes:

    why do i do this to myself?????

  4. Which girl, the new one or the old one?

    Geez, you're one sick, twisted, bacon-burning fool.......
  5. you're young, horny, & easily led?

    Don't worry..... You're still older than me, and you're not tied up in anything (though I'm not complaining:nice: )


  6. the texas one.... probly the first one

    the one i got so messed up over..... :nonono:

    and i just found out its not gonna be a double date its gonna be just me and her :rolleyes: :bang: :owned:

    -gbm- <---------- :owned:
    "i should be" -gbm- -------> :spot:
  7. Well remember, she may not be interested in any relationship right now so take the opportunity to try to get her into the sack. You don't know if you will get the chance again and besides she can never take the sex back after its been done!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    One other tip for you is that love never seems to happen while you are looking for it. It just seems to blind side you. It'll happen, just don't rush it. In the mean time get out and have some fun while you don't need to get the "Kitchen Pass"... :D
  8. True she can't take it back, but I got $50 bucks says she'll be refunding shortly after if not during. :D :jester: DOH! Sorry about that GBM, couldn't resist. :stick:

  9. The story books tell it best:

    Run, Run as fast as you can............

    :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot:

  10. haha,

    thats great...
    and pak ill let that one slide :rolleyes:

    We went for the movie, I couldnt sense anything outa her, i couldnt tell if she was into sex,relationship, friends or if she just wants me to go away or what..... :shrug: I didnt make any propositions for sex and neither did she..... I dont know what to do now but i think ill just leave it be....

  11. haha this is great, today she told me she is still with her boyfriend... she said they talked it over.... I guess its ok to cheat on this particular girl :notnice:

    what a dirtbag..... She went on a date with me when she was still with her boyfriend......

  12. I think its time to just forget about her man.