Suspensioin 101 Questions

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  1. I think my next project..(over a period of time) will be to work on the suspension. I think all my components are still stock AND original, except for the Steeda springs and C/C plates I got about 2 years ago.

    I need to be edjimicated on this stuff. I CANT afford to do a lot at once....just piece by piec....what parts, and what is the best order to start modding?

    Keep in mind my goal is not necessarily to change EVERY component. I dont really race, and weight is not an issue. I just want some better traction and maybe handling. I guess Im looking for "bang for the buck" type thing. (not Killer Canary-type things :rlaugh: )

    Thanks...Sorry it's such a loaded question!

  2. Bit of advice....DONT go cheap on the shocks/struts. I bought the KYBs for my other stang and learned the hard way. You already have decent springs and CC plates, spend some loot on the dampers now. Also subframe connectors are a must! Front control arms will dramatically restore ride quality back and rear control arms will give you that traction that you need. I know you said you want to do it piece by piece, but as far as install it's so much easier to tackle it while you're under there.
  3. What does that mean???

    Anyway, I'm planning on suspension next too. Right now I looking at buying a set of coil overs for up front with 14" drag springs AND a set of street springs since they are relatively cheap and easy to swap. Out back I "think" I'm keeping my stock springs, but getting a set of instant center brackets to lower the car a little. I still have to research these brackets a little more. In theory they sound good, but I haven't found much info on them yet. For shocks and struts, I'm getting Strange 10 way adjustables, but Troy (yeahloh95) is telling me to look into the new tokico "D" adjustable struts/shocks. With these parts I should have a lowered ride height, and improve my launch/traction.
  4. i would say struts and shocks will help alot and rear control arms make a big diiference too, do some checking but like i told paul ,i would go adj. they don't cost much more and then you can always tune them to your liking. i love my tokicos on the front they are the drag ones , but work really well on the street on the stiff setting . i would say i could even auto cross with them that way , and if you don't have frame connecters put them on the top of your list. they make a huge difference on how the car feels even going in and out of your driveway :nice: this should get you started . :spot:
  5. I think he means "thumpers, not AFR 165's" :rlaugh:

    I agree wtih the opinion that you should not skimp on shocks & struts. I bought Mach 1 shocks/struts (which are Tokicos) for mine, and I am not at all happy with the result. I just ordered a set of Bilsteins ($469), this time I'm going to do it right, and never have to worry about it again.

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to give my opinions on the improvement from the Bilsteins, and the MM coilovers I just got for the front. I weighed the Hypercoil springs -- 4 lbs, 9 oz each. That's way, way lighter than a stock style spring :nice:.

  6. You already have springs so I would say control arms.
    U/L Control Arms: You can do the lowers first and then do the uppers later. I would have your bushings checked and see which ones need it first. It will make your car handle better right off the bat.

    Shock and struts: after that unless you need them bad but I would def go ajustable just for the fun of it to be able to do it when you want and it's a handy little option.

    Off-Set Rack Bushings: If you don't already have these they are cheap and worth the $$ IMO and I noticed a difference in handling but I put them on along with...

    Steeda BumpSteer Kit: You will noticed a difference in handling from this since you car is lowered. And it looks nice and bling under the front end! :D
  7. My budget suspension would be:

    Coil-overs in front with tokico, bilstein or Koni struts
    Rear lower control arms with adjustable perches and spring rates to match the front coil-overs
    Panhard rod

    All parts would be sourced from and I would follow their advice on spring rates. (They can get you a front set that will match your current rear set.)

    Unlike hairycanary I am very happy with my Mach1 shocks/struts but I am running them with "C" springs so they're matched very well. I say this because that's the most important part, having matched components. Adjustable shocks/struts can be tailored to work well with your spring rates and driving style.
  8. Well I'm going with the Strange 4 way adjustable front struts. Probably also ditch the Steeda caster/camber plates and go with a 4 bolt design from MM. Rob, upper and low control arms is a good investment also.
  9. Joe, you are getting a 4 way adjustable one??? I'm not aware of those, just their 10 way adjustable ones. Am I missing something? I know they now have coil over adjustables, maybe they are a little different.
  10. My Global West Full length subs with the seat braces have been the best mod I've done yet. I didn't notice any difference launchingwise with the addition of my maximum motorsports RLCA's, the adjustable shocks I'm running with the pro kit springs is pretty nice. I don't really notice a difference with my front strut brace on or off. Next up will be some uca's and hopefully those will cut down some on its tire spinning abilities. :rolleyes: I'll also be doing a D&D tubular K member with all the other accociated crap.
  11. i've got a whole new suspension upgrade at home waiting under my bed to be installed. all i'm missing are the subframes. i'll let you know how they worked.
    Tokico S/S $175
    Sportline Springs $150
    Steeda Al. C/C Plates $100
    JD's U/L Rear Control Arms $150
    Oh, and almost forgot about the MAC Offsets (don't remember price but know they were cheap)
  12. They aren't expensive either. Mustang 94+ $111.43 each for the fronts and $64.27 for rear shocks. On page 43 of the latest MM&FF.
  13. DUDES:
    I am Just blown away with all these replies. blown_away_fp.jpg I got all kinds of answers at once. Maybe my question was way too vague. I seems like the consensus for initial mods would be the U/L control arms. Fronts first, then rear.

    JR...You get the vote for most "cookbook" answer.

    Paul..What I meant is you usually go Top-notch on your suspension stuff.

    Joe, Maybe you can help me with this stuff. I wanna start doing way more myself.

    I still need to get the subframes.


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  14. And here all this time I though I was the one dumping too much cash into my suspension.
  15. Me??? My suspension is all stock except for my LCA's which are GW with the del-alum bushings... they are $$$ though.

    This is $$$ suspension...

    Griggs tubular K-member
    Griggs tubular A-arms
    Griggs bumpsteer kit
    Griggs solid aluminum rack & pinion bushings
    Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
    Maximum Motorsports front coilover kit, 375# springs
    Maximum Motorsports rear coilover kit, 250# springs
    Maximum Motorsports road race lower control arms
    Bilstein front struts, 00 cobra R valving
    Bilstein rear shocks, sport valving

    That is badlock's setup, and trust me... that's a STOUT setup!

    Joe, the strange struts are 10 way adjustable, and those are the exact ones I've been planning on getting. We just put them in my dad's 91GT with a tubular K member and coil overs... it now pulls the drivers side wheel 2-3" on the launch and has made him consistent as hell.
  16. Ten Way? No ****? I'm getting them next month.
  17. OMG those are essential! :D Get some full length ones and it will tighen up your ride nice.
  18. Will they interefere with any working under the car?

    Also, with the rest of these posts, I feel like I still dont know where to begin.

    I guess I just havent grasped this area of the car yet :(
  19. Subframes will be my first suspension upgrade, without a doubt. Then springs/shocks. Then rear u/L CA's.

    I'm not to worried about how well my car handles in the turns, so I won't touch any of the front suspension except the struts/shocks.

    It really depends on where you want to take your car. You don't race the car, so I assume you want a car that rides nice, and handles well, right? Or are you looking for traction. Because you need to emphasize on one or the other.

    Both will improve, but you can't cut 1.4 60fts with a car that handles exceptionally well. This works 'vice versa' as well.

    For a drag setup, you want really stiff springs in the rear, low bound/high rebound rate shocks. And exactly the opposite in the front. You want the springs very soft, and high bound/low rebound shocks.

    This will not be a well handling car. But you can take the "high" and "low" and make them "medium-high" and "medium-low".

    So, for example, instead of getting 90/10 shocks, you could get 70/30's. And somewhat soft springs up front and somewhat stiff in the rear.

    Then you get into control arms. I don't know enough about them so I will let someone else lecture you on those.