Suspension Cracking Popping

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by creek, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. have a 2011 roush stage 2 with the upgraded brakes and suspension options . getting some bad noise from suspension when first start driving . have heard it a few times in warm weather mainly after it has set for a while , but very noticeable in the cold . I know the abs can make some noise as it adjusts when first start rolling but this sounds pretty bad . after applying brake a few times it stops . has anyone else had this problem ? also have heard some noise from rear when I hit small bumps is this normal for the roush upgrade ?
  2. Usually what makes suspension noise in cold weather is neoprene bushings so if you have Roush stage 2 possibly the upgraded suspension. Best to have a professional listen to it and diagnose it though being we cant hear it here.
  3. Hello creek,

    Welcome to the forum! You should contact Roush at 1-800-597-6874. You can also find an authorized dealer here.

  4. Usually what makes suspension noise in cold weather is neoprene bushings...

    Is it the neoprene is just cold or they are worn that makes them make noise in the cold?
  5. The Neoprene contracts in cold weather and will stick a bit until it warms up and can make some noise. Once it's warmed up it's usually fine. If it is happening during the summer, something else may be wrong.