Suspension Help (measurements)

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  1. I'm working on my suspension because I'm an idiot and forgot to I guess measure my stock length control arm in the rear now my rear end is out of whack. Could someone be so kind that has non adjustable control arms to crawl under their car and measure the center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole on both the upper and lower control arm so I can get a baseline of what is going on with my dang car.

    @Sharad unless you wanna come to my house and give me a hand since your in md. ;)
  2. Sorry dude. I'm just now catching up to the forums from my trip to Maryland. I believe it's 17.5" bottom and 9.125" top, but if you call our tech line on Monday they can tell you for sure.
  3. I think I saw on a few other forums they did 17 5/8" and 8 15/16" that's what I did and it pretty much got me to where I need to be