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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 5.02GO, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Okay...I have noticed that my car rides rougher than it use to. Or atleast, i want a little smoother ride now.

    Now, maybe the car has rode the same all along and maybe its me getting tired of the ride - I dont know.

    Anyway, what suspension is good for a 93 LX? I still like to take turns like the car is on rails but can that be achieved with a smoother ride?

    Yes, i know that the mustang is not meant to run like a caddy. I just want something a little smoother. Perhaps something thats adjustable.

    Any ideas or information?

    Thank you-
  2. Send Maximum Motorsports an email.
  3. That is good advice above (might be better to just call if you can).

    Also, telling us what you have in there now would help (so we have a frame of reference). If your old dampers are clapped out, even aggressive dampers should improve the ride.

    Good luck.
  4. Yikes.....I forgot to mention that.

    The suspension that i have now is stock. Yep, been on there since march of 1993. Which was when the car was born.

    Sorry bout that.

  5. Try to mimic a 93 Cobra R suspension. It has softer springs and smaller swaybars, but with 17" tires. Softer ride than the stock stuff, yet handles better.
  6. Where would i be able to find out what the suspension is. And where can i get it?

  7. What about Konis or KYB agx?
  8. Call Maximum Motorsports.

    Switching to coilovers at all corners will stiffen up your handling, can improve weight distribution and will improve turn in response and control- all while vastly improving ride quality if the proper spring rates/dampers are used. An adjustable damper like the Koni's or AGX's will also allow you to tweek it a little to the ride quality/handling compromise you are happiest with. That's my $.02
    MM knows what you need to do what you want.
  9. Did a search. Found that there is a "bullit" kit that alot of people like really well. Trouble is, is that i have only found that it is for 94 models on up.


  10. What's the budget here?

    I've had alot of suspension parts. I wouldn't put kyb anything back on my car, even if you payed me to. They simply don't last, thus they are cheap for a whole set, you get what you pay for.
    Most parts on the suspension made handling better and ride quality worse.

    Koni adjustable shocks made a very noticeable difference on the softest setting.

    But without a doubt the number one ride quality improvement i've done is energy suspension isolators on the front and back.

  11. Budget.........say $500

    What is "energy suspension isolators"?

    I dont want a rough ride either. Want something smooth. I am running stock suspension that it 12 years old and has about 140,000 miles on it.

  12. The isolator is the wrapping that goes around the top and/or bottom coil on the spring. It keeps you from having metal to metal contact. Some folks omit the isolators to achieve a lower stance.

    Good luck.
  13. With $500.
    I'd buy eibach lowering springs. $175-$200
    Tokico shocks i think you can get the blue set for like $200
    Energy suspension isolator kit for the front and the back, $30 and $20

    You should be able to get away without CC plates.

    the isolator kit, does raise the car a bit, like 1/4 inch or so, but well worth it.
    I ditched the stock lowers isolators years ago, i now realize what a mistake that was.
  14. FWIW, on the 94 I have Eibach springs (~1.5" drop) and just replaced the clapped out dampers in there with some Tokico HP's (thanks again Shane!). The difference is amazing. SO much smoother.
    The lowering springs dont give the dampers much room to work, and once they clap out, it gets brutal (I figure I was getting most of the dampening from the springs themselves).

    Point is, dont be too afraid of a performance oriented damper - compared to dampers that are shot, the ride should be more supple IMHO.
    Just my perspective.

    Good luck.
  15. I have the Bullitt Kit on my 92 GT and it is a great kit for the money. The car rides and handles so much better than it did in stock form!
  16. I also have heard nothing but good about the Bullitt kit (part of that comes from Shaker himself, and he is a very savvy guy whose opinion is trustworthy).

    The Mach 1 dampers (Tokico) are very well liked as well.

    Good luck.
  17. Okay guys. The eibach springs. Which ones do i need to look at?\

    Isnt eibach a "performance" spring? Too stiff?
    Can i get the eibach springs without dropping the car?

    How the above compare with the bullit kit? Opinions?

    Now, where in the hell do i buy this stuff? Summit?

    Thanks for the help guys. I dont know about yall but, if it wasnt for stangnet i would just be wasting money on crap that i wouldnt like.

    Thanks again.:SNSign:
  18. Best i can find is $230 for the eibachs and around $250 for the tokicos.
    I can get the bullit kit for $400.
  19. You will probably be happier with the Bullet kit. Near stock ride quality with better handling than your used to.
  20. Goto Ebay, I think the shocks are well under $200 (NIB) and i think the springs are also less than $200 there.