Suspension Mods..

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  1. What kinda shocks/stuts and springs are you guys runnin with??

    I'm due for some and I want real good preforming ones..Since my car will hopefully be turbo one day...
  2. stock 79 rear springs,NAPA 78 Mustang II V8 front springs, Napa sensatrac shock/struts. I realy should get something cool to brag about. :shrug:
  3. my junk is listed on my website if you want to look.
  4. Hopefully, I will be able to add coil overs and rear control arms to my list of suspension mods soon. Check out my sig, and then my website for more details.
  5. Tokico 5-ways, Ford Racing springs, STeeda Strut Tower brace, lower K-member brace, Max Motorsports full lenght subs, MM Caster/camber plates, poly mounts for front sway bar. Also 17x8 rims and 4-wheel disks with 13" Cobra front brakes

    Next up, full coil over conversion and rear shock tower brace as well as full cage and other mods to make her handle like a dream

    My '88 is more of the corner carver, while the '85 will be the straight line warrior
  6. CHP!
    Long time no see!
    How's it Going?
    Talk to Bill Latley? What's he up to?
  7. I been busy learning the inards of the 4.6's. Those seem to be the guys spending the money to keep me busy. Also looking for new employment, getting too old for all this crawling around. Trying to save up some cash to put the 23 car back together.
    Saw Bill early Nov, hauled an engine,tranny,transfer case to him he had bought for his Jeep. I guess he's gonna try and get it in before the snow flies ( too late)