Suspension noise


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Apr 10, 2018
I have been listening to my car since I had it, I worked on it for a while I have not started modding my suspension, I have stated to hear a rattle/clanking noise as I go to Speed bumps but that's it on there I also hear it when I turn right>> I don't know what it is, I've checked the Sway bar but its not shaking, I have checked lower control arms and upper control arms, I have also checked Pan hard bar, and I have checked rocker panels and I have checked if it was seat belt latch was moving. It is all in place not shaking, I checked rear shocks, and rear ball joint. I had to record with my phone several places in the back of the car and the sound haven't appeared there. I had to put the phone in the front chassis of my car, and that's when I heard it, I heard the sound there, it was somewhere there, I checked the Front struts but they are perfectly fine, I'm just guessing its either The Oil service panel since I had my chin spoiler changed but I think a bolt probably got lose or the front lower control arms, help! any advice would be much help for me thank you
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Jul 16, 2018
Where is the noise coming from - front or rear - left or right? My 2013 rear sway bar chassis hangars have worn bushings at the sway bar. They make the sort of noise you describe. Until I replace them, I have just put a couple bungees between them to pull them towards one another. Stopped the noise right away.