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  1. I wanna drop my car two inches. I know there is a lot of options when it comes to Lowering Springs but I don't want to mess up the front end geometry. I have been looking into Drop Spindles for the nose and Drop Springs for the rear. Are there any good Spindles out there that can handle street driving as well as an Autocross or two?
  2. I would avoid spindles and stay with springs or coilovers. No matter what you get, a good pair of CC plates will allow or the car to be proper aligned and all geometry to lie in check.

    Im dropped about 2" with MM CC plates and it is perfectly aligned.
  3. You WILL need caster camber plates. Lots of people say Maximum Motorsport or nothing. If you got the cash go for it. I use the UPR 4 bolt plates religiously on everything from street cars to the race cars I build in my shop. A good set of springs or a good oil over kit will do you just fine. Lastly, couldn't hurt to get some offset steering rack bushings. You won't really need the bumpsteer kit or corrected ball joints on a street car. Those are the type of upgrades I recommend when the parts need replacing or, if you take it to a track where you actually makes turns. I am also a fan of solid steering shafts to increase response and feel. Just my .02
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  4. For a 2" drop, you'd need something like Eibach Sportlines or coilovers. And of course the UPR cc-plates flstang65 mentioned. ;)
  5. That low, couldn't hurt to do the ball joints and steering rack bushings too.
  6. I had H & R SS springs installed the same month I bought the car, gave me about a 2" drop as advertised. My car has had multiple alignments since and all come out within spec, and I'm yet to see any premature tire wear. I'm definitely aware of the CC plates and maybe I just got lucky but I do know other guys who've lowered their Mustang's without having to use the CC plates. Only major downside going that low is SCRAPES, it becomes a part of life and it will happen on everything.
  7. The point for the spindles is to make sure that the lower control arm and the tie rod stay parallel with one another so that the front suspension swings on the same arc.

    Is there any other drop spindle options besides racecraft. I am thinking of not doing two inch drop just due to speed bumps. I have been told it allows the bottom the car to grind on the top of the speed bump. is there like 1 3/4 drop spindles somewhere?
  8. if you are afraid of scraping with a 2" drop you will more than likely scrape with an 1 3/4 drop. 1/4" isn't going to make that much different. Id just keep it simple and get a set of springs, some cc plates and a nice set of shocks struts and call it a day.

    I have never even heard of people using drop spindles on these cars??
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  9. Racecraft is the only company I can find with spindles
  10. The Racecraft drop spindles are sold as "Race Only, not for street use", but I had them on my last street/strip car. Didn't have any trouble with them.