Suspension Questions (worth the money?)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 91LX_5L, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I have eibach pro springs in my 94GT right now, the rest of the suspension is stock.

    I found some parts used locally and think it might be a good idea to pick them up they are:

    Hotchkis Cast&Camber Plates
    Hotchkis Upper and Lower Control Arms
    Tokico Front and Rear Adjustable Struts (4 way fronts, 5 way rears)

    The price im paying is around $550-625. They are used.

    Is this a decent deal? Is it worth me to buy these if IM NOT RACING/DRAGGING, I just drive this car on the street. Its got all the engine mods allready (full exhaust, heads, cam, intake, etc etc)

    So what do you guys think? Or should I not bother getting this and just get subframes and save a bunch of money or what?


    ps: Do H&R Make a 2.5" drop spring called I think its their "Race" spring or is this not true? Are these springs any good, like are they better then the Eibach Sports (I want my car lower)
  2. for used those prices sound high...depending on miles.....also i wouldn't drop the car more then 2" it will actualy hurt your handling.
  3. humm really? well I guess then the best springs that are the lowest would be Eibach Sportlines?

    But even so is it true H&R make those springs?
  4. ...well the shocks and struts are $350 canadian and the upper and lower control arms are $300 canadian and the cast and cambers are $150 canadain.

    Im thinkin the shocks and struts and the camber kit for sure...mabye leave out the UCAs and LCAs for now???