Suspension Suspension Questions.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have a 99 GT with 140 some thousand miles on it with the following suspension mods. Ford racing B springs, edelbrock shocks (99-04), steeda offset a-arm bushings, steeda lower rear control arms, CC Plates, new ball joints, sway bar end links, tie rod ends also has 275/35/18's all around... It rides terrible. What can I do to make it ride better? Do I have a bad combo of parts? Are edelbrock shocks garbage? Would a set of fox body shocks/struts make it ride better? (being shorter and all = more travel) I have searched around on here with no definitive answer to these questions. I know its a mustang and all but it shouldn't ride like a lumber wagon.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Has anyone else used edelbrock IAS shocks on a 94-04 stang?

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