Suspension sounds like an old recliner...Creak Creak!??!

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  1. I have replaced my lower ball joints and have greased them and after a day of driving it sounds like it did before but only on one side..WTF Any suggestions to where this sound is coming from? Thanks.
  2. When does the creeking sound occur? Does it happen more frequently when you turn your steering, or maybe when you are hitting bumps and uneven road surfaces? I've never heard ball joints creek before. You most likely never had bad ball joints and probably have another suspension/steering issue. Could be a strut mount loose, or it could also be the steering rack mounts. I'm thinking the steering rack may be a little loose. The metal sleeves will create creeking noises and eventually become a constant "creek ...creek creek" especially when turning the steering wheel. Tightening the rack bolts/nuts just a little may fix this. I can't go into further details unless I know a little more about the noise your describing.
  3. Thanks for the input. I have replaced the steering rack roughly 6 months ago but I will check to see if it needs to be tightened. The sound happens whenever I go over even the slightest bump or uneven surfaces. I don't believe the steering has anything to do with it. I just dont want to start replacing parts that I do not need to. Wallet cant handle it.
  4. If you push down on the fender over the wheel and hear it, it will likely be the bushings where your A-arms meet the frame. At least thats wher my issue is.Take some WD 40 and squirt in there and see if it stops.Thats only a short term fix but it will tell you if thats where the problem is.
  5. jgreen10 , did you realize that you just replied to a 2 year old post? :O