Suspension Upgrade

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  1. still looking for any one who has successfully installed either control freak or global west tubular a- arms with stock coil springs
  2. We used some "custom" set and they were not correct. Did not match up and we had to do a lot of modification. It also took 7 months to get. The first set they sent was for a 69 and mine was a 68 so I had to wait another 2 months. Be VERY careful what you are getting, that you can get a LOT of positive feedback on their systems.
  4. control freak or global west ? what do u mean by custom ? I have already installed control freak , having issues with coil spring install the perch cannot rock back far enough to keep spring inline before the perch hits the cross tube directly behind it on the upper arm . global west same design
  5. I am trying to remember what brand it was. I will have to look for the paperwork. Whatever it was it sucked.
  6. put GW UCAs on a 67 with non-stock springs - but I don't see how the spring type should matter .... do recall a note with GW install instructions stating that the perches need to be reversed from stock orientation to accommodate the negative camber .... does this help?? ....