Suspension Upgrades. Front Or Rear 1st?

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  1. Yeah I have new springs, shocks, and subframe connectors. The handling isn't bad I was just looking to add another piece to the puzzle.
    I have ford racing 'B' springs with about an inch drop. I no longer have a fox by the way, just the 95.
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  2. Here is stock height rear and 1.5" drop front. P1010736-2.jpg
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  3. Here is what you do

    • MM rear lower control arms
    • stock upper rear control arms
    • Steeda or H&R sport springs
    • Tokico or other good set of shocks

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  4. Since you're not building a purpose built race car, then I would seriously consider checking the stock rubber bushings on all corners and if they look good , just leave it alone. Reason: These Mustangs were built with a certain amount of flex-compliance designed into the rear fourlink having ride comfort being the goal. When you step up the HP then you need to consider changes to the suspension. Personally I would then consider that the torque boxes could be effected by the added power transfer. I welded my seams and let that rest as I have a Vert and it was off the chart to install plates etc.

    The horse has been beaten beyond death concerning poly vs rubber bushings. It really comes down to what you intend to do with the car and how much you want to spend. Personally, on my car I have decided to stay all rubber as I am not carving corners and in the same don't want the risk of picking up squeaks and any more rattles from stiffening the car. Polys have to be lubed occasionally or you'll forsure squeak.

    Another thing: Stiffening up the rear and doing nothing to the front will induce weight transfer issues that may or may not be felt but will be effected, as one end of the car will want to stay put while the other end will give. These cars were not of the best design from the onset, but they can be made to handle better but that is best achieved as a total package as opposed to piece meal. All this cost $$$
  5. Thank you sir.
  6. Thanks man good explanation. So what would compliment rear control arms in the front?
  7. Forgot- also new poly spring isolators

    For the front.
    • same as the back on springs and shocks
    • rebuild your stock A arms with new bushings-poly or rubber abd new moog ball joints
    • new poly swar bar links

    Check your
    • motor mounts
    • tie rods
    • rack bushings

  8. I have new inner/outer tie rods, bj's, motor mounts, and poly isolators
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  9. K member brace is a great addition that's often overlooked as well.
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  10. Most important of all.. good subframe connectors. I highly recommend MM full length ones.
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  11. He said BJ...
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  12. A real friend gets two and brings back
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  13. LOL, Mike, I'm still working towards mine... slow but sure. Got my seams all welded; done by yours truly. They turned out way better than I ever expected. I keep walking past those SFC and wondering if I want to jump in on them. I still have the car on all four corners of the frame rails. My garage is pretty flat but I am so not wanting to screw that up. But I am still a bit off from getting car up onto wheels; just busy as heck with work!!!

    @90lxwhite, sounds like you pretty much got everything basic cover up front as well. Knock out the little things that we pointed out on the rear and drive it for a while.... creep into any more mods as you feel you need to and when the $$$ build up again. These things can break the bank!!!! Rock it!
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  14. Put these on my lx. Hands down best sfc's ive bought out of 4 sets on 4 different cars.
  15. For an all around improvement on a street car, I recommend upgrading the upper and lower control arms. Non-adjustable arms with poly bushings work well for most scenarios. Race arms have their place, but they aren't necessary for a street car.
  16. Rear?
  17. Yes, rear. :)
  18. @Sharad do you guys have any plans of making any adjustable torquebox stuff? or housing mounts?
  19. Not at the moment, but it has been discussed.