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  1. looking for anyone who has installed either control freak or global west a - arms . when I tried to install spring and release it the spring was bowed out due to the spring seat hitting the cross tube on upper arm not allowing the seat to rock backwards and set level
  2. do you have teh spring perch installed correctly? they are supposed to go in one way, and i believe that is with the spring tab facing forward.
  3. yes there in right and the tab is in the rear . I know the issue it is the control freak tubular upper arm . like global west they have a cross tube that runs right behind where the perch mounts that prevents the perch from rocking back far enough to keep spring inline . stock arms are open in this area . I have done springs several times . my 69 has repo arms and no engine and no problem . I just need to know if anyone else has installed control freak or global west with coil springs and how did they do it
  4. like i said the tabs should be facing out not in. in other words to the ball joint side of the arm. as i recall there is a slight offset with the spring perches that doesnt cause problem with the stock arms, but does with aftermarket arms.