Engine Suspicious Spark Plug Scenario

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  1. As far as I know, the GT and Cobra have the same CCRM. The V6 obviously had a different one. If the two CCRM's are different, this info should be documented for the future.
  2. So it sounds like you have gt40 heads which take a 764 not a 25.

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  3. Yes Rick, GT40 heads and 764s. The owner before me was also nice enough to add an SVO intake, motorsport 65mmTB, 3:73s, Subframe connectors, K-member Xbrace, pullies, and Cat-back exhaust. What a nice guy!
  4. Chythar, I am not sure if there is a difference, but I do know that the rebuilt one I got will not warranty it unless it is a direct replacement down to the box color, "R" or "S" code, and obviously the part #.

    Anyhow, I installed it today and, thank The Lord, it was like a new car. There is zero hesitation/stumbling, the fuel pump is half as noisy now, and the fan works factory spec. I'll have my electrician friend completely rebuild my old one and either keep it as a spare or sell it on ebay. Thanks for all your help guys!
  5. Keep the CCRM as a spare.
    Your new one will probably go out one day, and even though not all the ways a CCRM can fail will leave you without a ride, some will. Better to have a spare.

    As for the CCRM interchange, the GT and Cobra are the same, in the same year.
    They changed between the v8 and v6 cars, as well as between years.
    Even though the all look the same, and have the same exact plugs, they won't interchange.
  6. Good deal. I'll take your advice.
  7. CCRMs are the worse possible thing to ever of been created in a mustang.

    Anyways, no it doesn't have to be the 'exact one' matching numbers and all. There are several model years, I believe ford tarus uses a similar enough box to match. For example I ran a code letter 'K' in my 95 but it originally came with a letter 'R.'

    I also have ran the CCRM out of newer mustangs (new edges) and Foxbodies which all allowed my car to start and run fine. The fan just wouldn't kick on, I now run an aftermarket fan controller.

    To expand a little further, I've used 5 different kinds of CCRMs in my mustang, all of which worked on it.
    So do you need the correct near matching one to have the fan spin? Yes. Do you need the exact matching to have the car run and work right? No.
  8. Thanks for your reply Jordan. It seems that when choosing a replacement CCRM for your vehicle the decision comesdown to part availability and desired effect. Personally, I'm one who does not like deviating from the original if possible. I want plug and play if I have the option. I'd like the fan controller to operate "factory" because I have no desire to wire an after market controller. In my case, thankfully, the exact same CCRM was available.

    I'd agree w/you about the bone headed idea of a CCRM in the first place. None of my fox bodies had them and everything was fine. Anyhow, glad your car is running!
  9. You do need the correct one for your car to run "right"...
    What part of not having your fan run is having your car run correctly?
    (I don't have the particulars in front of me, but there is more involved than just the fan as well.)
    Will your engine start and run with the wrong CCRM? YES.
    Will everything operate as it should with the wrong CCRM? NO.
  10. I test drove with each, It ran fine, not wrong, fine. Other than getting hot of course.
    I was just clarifying that they are slightly interchangeable and a lot of it can be hit or miss.
    Everyone is reference articles or this and that they they've read on the internet, well I've done it and I know that it works for a fact.
    I'm adding to the resources out there for everyone, is all.

    I 100percent agree, I would've kept it stock but it turned out my CCRM was fine, the wires leading to and from were going and I didn't want to repalce the harness since that's too much work just for another old harness that is prone to failure like mine did.
    I tried to keep it stock but it just was easier for me to do it like that. I also in the future now am ready for an aftermarket radiator and fan combo with little modification.