Sve 5 Lug Conversion Kit??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am planning to do a 5 lug swap for my 91 GT in the future, I was looking into doing the swap mostly for the brakes. I have plans of making big power (4-600hp) on this car so i want good brakes before doing so. The kit comes with 13" slotted front rotors and 11.5" slotted rears.. I looked into doing a junk yard swap and just putting big brake kits on the front and rear, but for the cost I could buy the SVE kit and have new parts.. I know more expensive big brake kits will be better but I'm on a budget. Because of my power goals, I was planning on going with the 31 spline axle kit.

    My fox is converted to 4 lug discs all around, so it stops fairly well, but i would really like a big brake kit for it.. unfortunately only offered for 5 lug.

    Bottom line, is the kit worth it? Any reviews, advice, opinions on this kit? Is it worth going oversized or would i be pretty well off with standard sized drilled/slotted rotors and some good pads?
  2. I've been looking at doing it also. Def an upgrade over the 4 lug brakes(even with rear discs). Plus you get more wheel and tire options. One thing you might need to consider is if you're going up to the 600hp range and plan on drag racing it the 31 spline axles probably won't last long.
  3. I thought 31 spline axles along with a differential were a pretty standard upgrade for drag stangs? Anyway, 600hp is a very optimistic number, i imagine i'll probably end up in the 450-500 range..
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  4. It's pretty much a modern Ford Racing M-2300-K kit with cobra brake parts.

    Plenty of guys run the setup, and for a Fox mustang it's probably one of the better brake setups you can get without resorting to exotic, multi piston calipers.

    The kit is pricey, but comes with quality parts.
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  5. Forgot to features offset rear brackets, so you retain the rear track allowing better rear wheel choices.

    I do not know the front spindles however
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  6. They're fine if you are at 4-500hp and not running slicks.
  7. Hmmm... sounds like a plan. I really want some good stopping power before i make it too crazy, seems to be a pretty good set up. I'll count the change in my piggy bank..
  8. If it's a little out of your budget, you could piece it together for cheaper. It really comes down to brand new parts all in one kit, or doing some legwork and research and using some used parts as well.
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  9. I pieced my kit together and my total with wheels and tires was just over $2500 I think.
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  10. That kit is awfully expensive, and it doesn't appear to come with a 31 spline traction lok.
    So throw a new locker in there, fluids, gears depending on your mileage, bearings.

    I'd piece it together from used parts, you should be able to do it for less than half of that.

    I already had 31 spline 5 lug axles on my car, and i set it up for well under a grand.

    Shopping around and the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun.
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  11. Its definitely more than i would like to spend, hopefully i can find an sn95 cobra thats being parted out.
  12. The pbr calipers come off half a dozen cars, the rears come on pretty much anything 94-04 (some vented, some not, but doesn't really matter, if you want vented just use a chop saw to open up the bracket).
    All you really need is that is proprietary to 94/95 is the spindles and they don't need to be off a cobra.

    Other than the spindles and ebrake cables, the rest of the parts could almost be considered generic.
  13. I'm mostly looking for a cobra for the 13" front and 11.5" rear slotted rotors, what other applications are these found on, if any?
  14. Not an expert but been reading allot on it:

    For the SN 95 front spindle the 94&95 keep the same front/ back position and raise your front about an inch. The 96+ move it forward.
    You can find them on the boards pretty easy between 125 and150.

    Go here. For more brake swap overviews:

    You may have read it, has some good basic info.

    Question Dont you have to go 18" rims once you go 13 "big brakes" for clearance?
  15. not sure, but I'm planning on going with 18s anyway
  16. Been looking around a little more, what are y'alls thoughts on staying with a standard size GT rotor and just going with Baer drilled/slotted front and rears along with some hawk performance HP plus pads? Of course, they won't be as good as the massive cobra sets, but it would fit my budget a LOT better than big brakes...
  17. You' re going down the same thought process I am.

    I may be wrong but I read the Baer site a while ago and I think they require c- clip eliminators if you use their "kit" :shrug:

    Wish the SVE Kit had drilled/ slotted rotors and the 94/95 spindle..

    Anyway I'll sit back now learn what folks have to say. So I can follow your path as I'm still learning...
  18. I think gt calipers stick out more (don't quote me on that).
    Regardless, they are ugly. Do it once and do it right.

    Budget? Lol, a day ago you were considering a $2500 kit.

    Here's my cost break down.

    Spindles $125
    Brembo rotors NIB, drilled/slotted ebay $125 (new, but bought them from someone, not a business)
    Brake lines $100
    Bullit calipers loaded with pads NIB $200 (forgot where)
    FMS plug and mc conversion parts $25 (i think)
    Brake cables $75
    Rear brake lines 40
    NRC brackets $200
    Used v6 calipers and brackets $50
    Generic rear cobra vented rotors (can't remember, but not much)
    93 cobra MC $75
    PP valve $50
    Fluid, washers as spacers
    Stock booster, worked fine for me.

    After doing something i never actually do, adding up costs, i retract my statement earlier of "well under a grand". I'm over a grand, this is why i don't add prices up. I was happier before i did it.

    Regardless, it puts you way the hell under that $2500
    The guys here also claim you can cut the stock rear brackets and reverse them, if that method is true and safe that could save you another $200.

    And since you have discs in the rear now, you don't need to work on the PP vavle or get an adjustable (if you have one). And you can sell off what you currently run in the rear to someone else and recoop another couple hundred.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, just collect the parts over time.
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  19. Haha the $2500 kit is what I was referring to by the gt kit fitting my budget better than big brakes.

    Nonetheless, those are some pretty good numbers. I'll definitely have to look into it and see what I can find.
  20. I am looking too...So if I find a complete used kit on CL of mostly Ford parts for $450 I should jump on it? Uses 95 spindles, includes rear brake cables and adjustable prop valve and master. It may include the rear end too, need to clarify that.

    Missed out on a set of 95 spindles/rotors/caliper assy for 125-150 about a month ago.