Sve 5 Lug Conversion Kit??

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  1. What about doing the 5 lug conversion that keeps the rear drums, then saving up for rear disc swap from used parts? That's what I was thinking about doing because I forgot who it was but one of the companies includes wheels in their 5 lug conversion. Then later on doing rear disc brakes.
  2. That works, but IMO you do lincoln rotors (not calipers) up front.
    If you modify the front brake calipers without rear discs i don't think there is an MC that works right.

    This is a pretty good way if you can't afford wheels/tires and brakes all at the same time.
  3. 5 seconds on the net and I found spindles for $50 for the pair plus shipping
  4. 94/95's or 96+??
  5. 94/95.
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  6. Im not worried about the spindles, i can find them for dirt cheap, I'm more concerned with finding big brakes somewhat affordably.
  7. There's plenty of cobra calipers out there. You should be able to find a set.

    99-04 GT brakes are a good alternative. Calipers, lines and rotors can sometimes be had for $100. They offer good clamping power. In terms of how they compare to cobra brakes, think of it like drag brakes vs road race brakes. In a one time stopping event, both would prob be close to equal, however start braking repeatedly and the larger, more massive cobra brakes will outperform due to ability to dissipate more heat.

    13" brakes do look better in 17" rims though.

    Out back, run whatever you want. Drums, GT brakes. Cobra brakes. You'll prob never notice a difference really.
  8. To the OP please forgive me for asking a question in your thread. I have tried looking but I could not find any answer to my question. I found a wrecked '97 Cobra that is near my house, like right down the street from me. He wants to part it out. Could that whole rear end work on a fox? I didn't know if there was anything different with the rear end since it wasn't a 5.0. He also has a big brake kit on the front, but I just cant use the spindles.
  9. [quote="13" brakes do look better in 17" rims though.[/quote]

    17" rims on 13 big brakes? No way! Which ones? I can't determine any for standard fox track. Damn I'm outta touch...
  10. 94-04 Cobra front brakes?

    Maybe i'm taking it for granted, but you know these work on Fox's right?
  11. That looks perfect! I was thinking Saleen SC or fr500... 17's

    Ok. Ya I was looking at something and they said requires 18s. Think was because of caliper size/shape. Guess I need to read some more, basically get the Cobra setup and you can pick your compatible rotor then ie drilled slotted etc...
  12. On some wheels the spokes will hit the calipers. On my old saleen American racing 5 stars which were 16's, they would fit over the brakes, but would need a spacer so the spokes didn't hit the caliper.
  13. Converting just the front to discs with the 5 lug swap is a good alternative, I was pleased with ranger rear drums and 94/95 spindles with PBR GT brakes and rotors.