Sve 5 Lug Kit And Sve Wheels..

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  1. So i got to thinking about something the other day..

    I read the entire write up on LRS about them putting their SVE 5 lug cobra brake kit on one of their employees cars. They also used their SVE drifts (beautiful wheels)

    I noticed that the tires are just behind the outer fender lip (after being rolled). If they're using the 96+ spindles, the wheel would probably stick out PAST the fender lip (18x9) but not by much, and depending on what tire they're using.

    This got me to thinking. Does SVE machine their branded wheels to work well with 96+ spindles so that its flush with the fender lip?
  2. Well, what are the offset/BS specs of the wheels?
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  4. Are you talking about this car OP? No extra machining is done to work with a fox body. These are off the shelve 94-04 wheels. 24mm offset.

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  5. friggen AT sign...
  6. 18x9 with a 24mm offset and 96+ spindles will sit right at the edge of the fenders. If you go with route I highly recommend a 255 tire with a rim guard lip on the tire. Certain brands have that and certain brands do not. The Goodyears that come on the GT500's have that lip. They are 18x9.5" from the factory with a 255. It's perfectly fine.

    My car below. I didn't have the lip on my tires, cause they were something I already and that means free. lol, but I woulda loved to have a tire with a lip guard.

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  7. Yes, that was the exact car i was referring to. It looks so..perfect.
  8. I have 17x9 4 lug 2003 cobra wheels on and it has 255 tires on the front. BFG G-Force Sport, and sits pretty much flush with the rim lip.
  9. I agree, he should have never sold that car.

    Nothing extra went into that. We slapped on the brake kit, and then the wheels.
  10. I read from the Maximum Motorsports website that if using 96-04 spindles, bumpsteer is significantly increased because of the mounting angle of the tie rod mount relative to the fox rack. They said to fix it you would have to move up the tie rod a large amount. How did you guys deal with it?
  11. We can the 94-04 ball joint and the 79-93 steeda bumpsteer kit.
  12. I love LMR!! My wife just about blew her top when she found out how much $$ i've spent recently with LMR and I'll be putting in another order soon too. I'll be sleeping down stairs for a while :hide:
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  13. That's the 94-95 spindles. The bend in the arm, makes the tie rod go UP to bolt it in. The 96-04 arms are straight, just like the fox body. It does push the wheels outward, but I liked the ride and handling of both foxes I built with the 96+ spindles over the the fox I built with the 94-95.
  14. Noob :nonono:
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  15. So people that want the 94-95 spindles want them mainly to keep the stock fox track width?
  16. I concur. 17x9 up front with Nexen N3000's in a 255/45/17 and the wheel and tire sit about flush....the rim actually protrudes past the edge of the tire by a few mm. Looks real good, but not much if any curb protection for the wheels I'm afraid.
  17. From MM

    Warning: 1996-04 Mustang spindles & Stock pre-1996 K-members
    Do not install a 1996-04 spindle on a 1979-93 or 1994-95 Mustang fitted with a stock-geometry k-member!

    Doing so will significantly increase bumpsteer because...

    • The steering arm on the 1996-04 spindle is about 1.02" (26mm) lower (relative to the rest of the spindle) than the steering arm of any 1979-95 spindle.
    • The lower steering arm forces the outer tie-rod end to a lower position.
    • That new position is far too low for the steering rack location of any 1979-95 Mustang, and radically changes the steering geometry.
    • It is impossible to correct the geometry with a bumpsteer kit because the outer tie-rod end needs to be raised so much that it would have to occupy the same physical space as the steering arm.
  18. So to make sure I am not confused, for my 91, get 94-95 spindles and have the front track be a little (3mm?) wider? How do I ID the right spindles if they are not on the car? Do you have a part number? Then, use the PBR set up I have if the rotors and calipers are good? See here for my spare parts.
    @stykthyn is it really obvious what and how much needs clearanced on the spindle, and is it for the caliper or rotor?
  19. Its pretty obvious and its for the calipers. Easily done with a dremel or hand file.