Sve 5 Lug Kit And Sve Wheels..

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  1. Spindles do have part numbers. Pretty easy if you know Ford's typical engineering scheme with part numbers.

    The 94-95 spindles will start with an F4 or an F5. 1994 is F4 and 1995 is F5. Unsure what the change is, but there are two part numbers. I actually have 1 of each on my car.

    The 1996 spindles will have an F6 part number (meaning 1996). There might be some later year changers, but the part number will refer to the year. For instance F8 would be 1998.

    Dust shields are all the same 94-04 for all models, and doesn't matter if ABS or no ABS

    Visually, a picture is worth all that mumbo jumbo i just said

    Fitting the 99+ GT PBR's is easy. Clamp the spindle in a vise and lower the caliper down and attempt to bolt it on. You'll see where the pistons hit. Clearance this with a dremel until the pistons clear and are free to move in and out without interferance.
  2. 94-95 spindle . if you look at where the tie rod attaches the spindle has bump in it where at the 96 and up are just a straight bar to the tie rod......

    and not reading owns me lol cuz I see it was answered
  3. Thanks for the pictures and the prefex answer I should have remembered. After all, how many of my OEM parts start with E7? (I spent too much time behind a GM parts counter!) Thanks for the second answer confirming the first. I was so confused after reading all the old posts.
    For the record, the arm is straight on my extras.
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