SVE 86-93 Mustang 2.5" Off Road H-Pipe

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    Looking for an quality affordable off road h pipe for your 86-93 Mustang? Or do you want a true dual exhaust conversion on your 79-85 Mustang? Read this blog to find a solution to either one of these need – The SVE 2.5″ Off Road H Pipe!!!

    SVE 86-93 Mustang 2.5″ Off Road H-Pipe

    In this video Jmac introduces you the high quality and very affordable SVE 86-93 Mustang 2.5" Off Road H Pipe. This three (3) piece design Mustang offroad h pipe is easy to install and includes all the fittings and hardware needed for installation. The SVE off road h pipe is the perfect way to complete your Project Fox Body Mustang exhaust system. The SVE off-road h pipe also comes in a kit form that includes the 5.0Resto exhaust hanger or Flowmaster high flow cats (catalytic converters). If you need help passing the exhaust inspection test, Jmac also discusses the Flowmaster high flow catalytic converters. These can be added the SVE H Pipe to help pass visual exhaust inspection.

    Fox Body Mustang Exhaust Video: SVE 86-93 Mustang Off Road H Pipe