Sve Coilovers

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  1. Looks like Racelands to me.....opinions

  2. I just can't get behind the SVE brand at all.

    I'm sure that, like other big box house brands, a third party does the actual manufacturing.

    Price point is attractive though...
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  3. I wouldn't mind getting one of the SVE aluminum radiators, that's about it.
  4. They do look like a Raceland knockoff. I like that it appears to be a complete kit, (CC plates, adjustment tool, etc.) but like most things, you get what you pay for. I have purchased several SVE items and in most cases it's good quality, but I would only purchase quality suspension parts with proven performance when it comes to parts that actually keep the car going straight down the road.
    The last thing you need is for a cheap suspension part to fail and causing you to lose control of the car.
  5. Mine still works. After seeing what guys did to their tubular control arms, i try to stay away from SVE stuff.
  6. I feel like after a few revisions they will be worth it
  7. sorry, I'd never put them on my car
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  8. I thought I read that SVE was Granatelli.
  9. If you were to base them off the SVE rear control arms that I have, I'd say absolutely not.
  10. I've had a rep tell me that sve and American Muscle's house brand stuff is made by Chinese manufacturers under the same roof... If you don't buy something that specifically advertised as made in USA, you are most likely getting Chinese stuff anyway, no matter how proud you are of what you put on your car. Practically ALL of the restoration parts for these cars are Chinese, so...
  11. :thinking:
    I think if it is like the control arm issues, I rather have LMR customer service who makes it right over any of the other companies out there.

    Just because a company had issues in the past doesn't mean you should write them or their products off.

    If so, no one would ever drive a Chevy, Honda, or Ford for that matter due to recalls.
  12. I got a 65 couple new springs in rear and getting ready to put shocks in. What is a good brand to install? and why are coil over so dang expensive?
  13. Sorry I was not paying attention when I approved your post,
    You should go to the 65 to 73 classic forums and post your question although the part about coilovers be'n expensive is pretty general. They have many parts that work together to provide a desired ride/height and performance along with adjustability that are not attainable with conventional leaf or coil sprung suspensions.
  14. They're more expensive because just like a divorce, they're worth it!
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  15. I am in the market for suspension right now, at that price I have to consider it.
  16. If you pick up a kit, please do a review of it. I really hope it's a quality kit, the price is right.
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  17. My original plan was getting some Eibach springs, new shocks and struts, but being able to adjust the ride height with coilovers is starting to sound better and better. It will never be a race car so spending 2,000 dollars on coilovers is out of the question, of course the question is how bad can they be on a street car that sees maybe 300 miles a year?
  18. Good point. At 300 miles a year, wouldn't see much wear and tear.

    Where I get concerned is if someone intends to put 10-20k miles a year on a DD going with cheap(er) suspension parts.
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  19. Absolutely, daily driver would be a different story, especially here in New Jersey home of the pothole.
  20. MM cc plates,hypercoil springs and installation kit paired with your choice of struts= Front is done.

    Coilovers for rear are only needed in certain drag cars imo. Just find some "regular" rear lowering springs and adj shocks. You'll be under 2k and have nice quality parts with plenty of adjustable settings per your liking.