Suspension SVE Rear Lower Control Arms (RLCA)

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  1. I am posting this for anyone that has considered buying the SVE control arms on Latemodel or many other places. I have been doing a large build on my motor for the last 2 years and these RLCAs are not a very good product. When researching them I found they looked identical the MM RLCAs except for the bushings. I didn't think much of it at the time when I made a huge parts purchase. After about 2k daily driving miles I found this.


    I decided to try my luck on the similarity of the SVE to the Maximum Motorsport body and bought 2 sets of THESE bushings. Turns out they fit perfectly and now my car rides better than ever in the rear and the sway around corners is greatly reduced. I made sure to cover every busing part with the prothane grease to ensure longevity. It is very important to take care with the grease.


    In hindsight I would recommend to buy the Maximum Motorsport RLCAs if considering doing this upgrade.

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  2. This is a useful thread. I would add that a person doesn't have to spend MM money to get top quality LCAs.
  3. Not sure as to when you bought the set of our lower control arms, but we did change the bushings that come in our lower control arms not to long ago. I cant remember exactly when, but I do remember this going on. I hate to see that the stock bushing gave you problems, but glad you got it fixed. If you ever have any problems with parts you bought from us, give us a call and we will take care of you with no problems.
  4. So just to be clear. The arms themselves were just fine, it was the bushings that gave you problems? I personally would have contacted LMR first to see if they'd replace them under warranty, but glad you got the issue solved.

    From what I recall, Maximum Motorsports doesn't make their own bushings anyway? I believe they're made by Energy Suspension? So...not to downplay MM, but it seems the quality of the SVE arms had nothing to do with your issue and the fix was a change of bushings, bushings that were made by one company and sold by another? That about right? :shrug:
  5. Yes, the quality of the control arms are fine. It was just the bushings that were not very good.
  6. There's actually a lot of "tech" that goes into the bushings and metal sleeves. The right bushings and sleeves can be VERY durable, even with 9-second power.
  7. Damn it... I just replaced mine, and I wasn't sure if I could get those MM ones to work, so I just got stock replacements. The arms themselves are actually manufactured by Granetelli... Mine were bad too. bushing 1.jpg bushing 1.jpg bushing 2.jpg bushing 3.jpg
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  8. I'm having the same problem. My passenger side upper that bolted to the chassis was disintegrated. The Bolt sleeve is slapping the outer part of the bushing sleeve. One of the lowers is shot too. Ive got about 5k miles on these, on a 96 cobra (bought them in october 2013).
    I called LMR to explain the issue. Not only are they sending me a brand new set that has the new energy suspension bushings, but they said I can keep my old set as well. They will be here thursday.

    I would recommend anyone having this issue with the SVE arms, to call LMR. They took care of me and then some, imo.
  9. How did this work out? I recently purchased a set of these and have less than 50 miles on them and had the same problem.
  10. Had the new ones on for about 5 months now. From looking underneath, they look great. However, I'm starting to get that sloppy feel again. I can't blame the control arms though, as I think it's my differential that's about to bite the dust.
  11. ahhhh...ok. Well I ordered the bushings from mm. I am hoping this fixes it. I was pretty disappointed with the quality of these bushings, especially since I have hardly any mileage on them.
  12. Works great, I would replace all of them for sure.
  13. For sure. Don't want to run into this issue again.