1. is there any advantage in using SVO front a-arms on a non-SVO Car (84).


  2. I see I have 40 views, but no reply’s. Does that mean there is no advantage or that no one knows?


  3. I’m viewing and I don’t know Jim. Be patient, someone will know.

    If not, someone at foureyedpride.com will.
  4. Didn’t mean to sound impatient, DAve. It just looked curious.

    On a side note, I live in DFW and was wondering what you would charge to paint my 84 coupe? I don’t want a show finish, as I plan to drive the [email protected]!!s off the car. I’ve just had another operation to remove a tumor from my hand and may have to have one dug out of my head. Gets pretty old. That’s three in my spine, one on my arm, one in my hand and two in my leg. They’re begging, but I can’t do squat for several days or even months afterwards. The car is a bare shell; no wiring glass or trim. I’ve worked on the body and it seems pretty squared away. I’ve got a gallon primer filler that I haven’t used.

    If you’re interested this is a long term project (obviously) and maybe a finish date around September? Please give me a price for printing and painting. We can discuss body work once you get an eyeball on it. I can rent a trailer and deliver(just like pizza)

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  5. The SVO front suspension is fairly different from the standard Mustang. The A-arms are wider, so installing them on an non-SVO will push the front wheels out a bit, and since the strut position doesn't change, result In more camber.

    Since the SN95 a-arms are the same length, it's a popular swap as the later versions allow for an increased turning radius.


    Long story short...no
  6. Excellent information. I’ve got the option right now to go with either the sn or Fox a arms, so these don’t seem as though they would be any advantage. My grand plan is to go hydroboost and the sn steering rack.

    I appreciate your response and assistance

  7. Just to add..

    Front A-arm lenghts
    Fox Mustang = 13"
    Tbird TC = 13.75"
    SVO = 14"
    SN95 = 14"
  8. Wow! An inch difference. I was under the impression they were 3/4”. Live and learn

    Thanks again. Hopefully this will help others, also

  9. Rear disk brakes add 0.75". A little different up front
  10. Hey Jim, I don’t have a place here that I could shoot it.

    When I went to Alabama for Mike we just arranged his garage to be the paint booth.

    He had already done most of the bodywork on the monster as well, except for a wonky spot on the hood that I helped finish up.

    Post some new pictures of how it sits right now for me, including areas with “issues”.

    Sorry about the dang tumors you have to deal with.....a tumor from your head though! The doctors wanted to do that with me as well, I think they called it a lobotomy:eek:. Might have been a different issue than yours I guess:zombie:
  11. The 84 k member mounting points are different. I think they are ....

    The track width was narrower than the latter foxes. The svo control arms may put you about where a later fox sits. If I remember correctly, there was something about the spindles being different around the strut bolt area. Something about having to grind a little out of the strut mounting holes to allow for a camber angle change.

    It's been a very long time since i researched the topic...