Svo Distributor Timing

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  1. It's a stock 84 svo 2.3l turbo, I know there is alot of posts on this, but those are not helping me in any way... I can and have set the timing, I set the crank to TDC on the compression stroke, even probe the number one cyclinder to make sure it's TDC, iI use the string method to time the cam and the distributor, car will run then it will just not start after its turned off. I feel like the distributor is off, iI recently changed out the wires and the plugs, but I can't find a good enough description on how to set the distributor right. My cap is a numberless Cap. And I've followed instructions as well as I can.. How do you set the distributor timing.. TThe position of it. Finding out if my number of plug is in the correct spot, is my rotor pointing to the number one plug. It's driving me crazy.
  2. Excuse the title.. Just a typo but you get what I mean lol
  3. no worries, all fixed for ya
  4. Ok, do you have a timing light? Have you verified what your timing is right now?
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  5. No timing light. I understand your supposed to adjust the distributor making your crank timing a *10. Haven't got that far yet. I'm still stuck at crank (tdc), cam/distributor (stringmethod) ... Car won't start, meaning timing light is useless till I can get it going... I think its the distributor.. Really.. Don'tt know if the plus are in order 1342, but the number one.. Numberless cap, and the degree of the distributor.
  6. When they say make sure the button is at a for o'clock position and pointing at the number on cylinder.. Do the mean the button or the tab sticking outside of the rotor
  7. You heard wrong. Firstly yes you need to set the cam timing. You set the crank at TDC, if you pull a string from the bolt on the crank to the bolt on the aux shaft, the timing mark should be on center. The same for the cam pulley, if you pull the string from the cam bolt to the aux shaft, the mark should be on center. If you have those two marks lined up, then you can double check the distributor. Make sure the rotor is pointing to the wire that goes to the #1 cylinder, the front cylinder on the motor. Then you make sure the rest are in the correct order. This should get the timing close enough for it to run. To adjust the distributor position, you need a 17mm wrench that can reach the hold own bolt. That part is tricky.

    The correct firing order is 1-3-4-2 going clockwise. Now without a timing light, you are never going to get the timing right. There is no string method for setting the ignition timing.