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  1. I'm calling it the SVO because I'm a dork, but it's looking like the Euros will be the only ones getting the Ecoboost Four.

    This is interesting to me, because as successful as Ecoboost has been for Ford here in the States, I'd be surprised if they didn't finally put it on the Mustang.

    Does this mean we could get the F-150's TT V6?

    Probably not, but a boy can dream.
  2. I don't believe it. I really look for the twin screw 4 in a USA car.
  3. Ok now I'm seeing conflicting reports... ?

    this may be good news. I was hoping for a SVO edition if the turbo4 was Euro-only but my prayers may be answered. Who knows what to believe though.
  4. On Top Gear UK, they said the only engine available in the s550, in Europe, will be the Ecoboost 4 cyclinder.

    In the States, I will assume the 3.7, the 2.0/2.3 Ecoboost, and 5.0 will be the engines since Ford, logistically, can use those from other cars in the line-up with out R&D-ing a whole new engine for one model.
  5. Yeah, I just saw that this morning. Awesome!

    Except I still want to TTV6...
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  7. One of our dealers techs, who just got back from a trainging, said Ford has a Ecoboost version of the 5.0 that makes something like 740 lbs/ft at 1400 RPM!

    Don't think there are production plans, but maybe something might come from Shelby?
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  8. That would be incredible!
  9. I would ditch the 3.7 and have a base 3.5, the Turbo model then the GT
  10. Ford has a great thing going with the 3.7L. You get 305 HP and 30+ MPG. The one thing the Mustang has always been missing was great MPG, not that you buy a Mustang for that reason but it doesn't hurt. At the very least, Ford will contine the 3.7 to offset the low MPG of the trucks and SUV's to keep the Gov't. happy...
  11. Agreed, can't ditch that 3.7L!
  12. Isn't there an ecoboost 3.7 in the Ford lineup? If so, I wonder why nobody has tried making it work on the Mustang...
  13. There's been alot of talk of the TT from the F-150 going in there. I hope they do it.
  14. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't want to see a TT Ecobosst 4cyl in this thing? The SVO's were light and nimble. The S197's are neither of those things. At best, all we can hope for here in North American variant would be an Ecoboost 4-cylinder version matching the output and mileage of the current 3.7L. Sure, maybe torque will peek a little higher, but it will undoubtedly come in much later in the power band making it feel sluggish and unpredictable in the lower regions.

    I say scrap the Ecoboost 4cylinder idea and make it at least a 6-cylinder if anything. But see, Ford won't do that because it would put the car too close to the output and the price range of the current 5.0L which case, it will get the mileage, but again will suffer in the low end torque department....which is where the 5.0L crowd wants it. It's a lose/lose situation for Ford IMO? :shrug:
  15. That's a good point. They could offer a stripped-out model with better suspension for the 4cyl TT. It would mean the 4 cyl wouldn't just be for conserving fuel. The Mustang ST.
  16. I guess I am a little late to the party, but I'll throw in my 2 cents anyway.
    Gearbanger: The 4 cylinder ecoboost engines are single turbo. I agree, this engine won't be spectacular in the mustang, but it may have a low and mid-range torque advantage over the current v6. My wife has a '13 2.0 ecoboost escape. The boost comes on strong well below 2000rpm, making it easy to hold top gear at highway speed and its responsive around town. Compared to the 12 escape with the outgoing 3.0L v6, the new 2.0 ecoboost makes more torque where you really need it, in the low and mid range. the outgoing 3.0 was a bit high strung and had to be reved a lot more.
    '12 3.0 V6: 223 ft*[email protected], [email protected]
    '13 2.0 ecoboost: 270 ft*[email protected], [email protected]
    So comparing the ecoboost and outgoing v6: the 2.0 ecoboost makes an extra 50ft*lbs in peak torque and at 1300rpm lower. Same power rating, but 1000rpm lower for the ecoboost. Let me tell you, the difference is night and day. I have no doubt the mustang V6 3.7 vs ecoboost 2.3 will be a similar story.

    The twin turbo V6 is what is exciting. Similar to what the F150 and taurus SHO have, the variable valve timing, direct injection, boost, ect. It looks like this engine can easily make 420hp in factory trim with plenty of room left to play. Ford needs good tricks for later on, you know ;).

    I have heard rumors the '15 mustang GT 5.0 will be direct injected (no turbo). The engine already has the bosses for direct injection cast in, so it was just a matter of time. I would guess more power and better mileage with the addition of direct injection. :)

    I have seen a couple comments the next GT500 will have an ecoboost 5.0. That will be a nasty combination!