1. hey guys im new on here and i noticed the classifieds have ads for all stangs. i wanted to post this in here because i know its where i would get responses. ( i apologize if this post is not in the right place)

    i just wanted to see if anyone here was interested in diecast models? its one of my hobbies and happened to stumble across these awesome 86 svo 1:18 scale diecasts. they come in black or white. i havent received my shipment yet, but i made a trip to NJ 2 weeks ago to visit the distributor and i saw them, they look awesome. once i get them i will post a picture. anyone interested let me know.

    PS. also for the FAQ of if i can get GT diecast models... not yet but im working on it.
  2. I'm looking for a diecast coupe... Or even a plastic model of one for that matter. 89-93 year model.