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  1. i was readin one of my mustang magazines and they had an SVO shootout and this one guy had his set up for racing. it was red with yellow wheels and accents, it was really good looking, but it had front fenders that had a little intake on them. im not sure how to explain it but it was the same shape as the intake that race cars soemtimes have in their windows to cool the breaks and/or driver. any help on where to buy these fenders would eb greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  2. I believe the car you're inquiring about was originally featured in the November '95 issue of MM&FF and had different paint scheme (Sikkens Jalepeño Red, no yellow), wheels (17x9½ 'vette wheels painted body color), fenders (no scoop), and void of almost all stickers seen in the '02 October issue. The following is an excerpt from the original November '95 article:

    ...Lee substituted the rear sheetmetal with flared, fiberglass replacements that were available at the time from the Ford Motorsport catalog.

    Since '91, the supplier of the flared panels has gone out of business and the parts have vanished from the Motorsport book.

    The new, wide skin was masaged to fit the Stang, and then the front fenders were replaced with wide 'glass too...
  3. thankz alot for checking that out for me, if anyone knows where to find those fenders pelase elt me know.
    thanks alot
  4. I remember that fiberglass kit, I have not seen it around in a LONG time. Seems like there was a kit in the FMS catalogue but the one AI remmeber was from a company called B&A
    Motorsports. I dont know if they are around any more. I can not find them anywhere on the net but I think they were out of california. They had a catalogue that had a yellow 85 ish capri with the body kit on it. I was going to buy it but the had no ground effects to go with the kit. I opted for the ground effects instead. Good Luck!!!