Expired Svo Intake Manifold Mustang 4.6 96-98 + Throttle Body - Ported - Ford

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Mar 9, 2006
San Diego
Here is a nice Ported SVO Intake Manifold for the 96-98 Mustang 4.6 Mustangs. It was professionally ported and is very clean (looks New). Comes with a new SVO Throttle body matched for this intake. There is a welded square on the top plenum area (maybe from too much porting? The lower section is in great condition (looks new). Shipped USPS with insurance. $700
Call Ray at 858 8 8 8 6 7 8 5 Or email me at [email protected]
"SVO Intake
At present, there are only two options other than the production intake for the 4.6. The first

aftermarket intake available was a long-runner intake from Ford SVO, released in 1998 to

complement the SVO heads that were released at the same time. The SVO intake uses a large

plenum located in the valley area of the engine, combined with large cross section runners of

reasonable length, fed by a twin-blade throttle body borrowed from the Cobra engine. This in
take is
a substantial improvement over the stock ‘92-‘98 intakes. Unfortunately, the intake port only mates

with the SVO cylinder head, although if you really need to, a tig welder and die grinder will modify

this intake to fit other cylinder-head ports. The SVO intake also works quite nicely with

supercharged engines, and the throttle-body location, plus the fact that the throttle body is a Cobra

piece, means that the Cobra supercharger duct can be substituted for the GT piece provided with

the original supercharger kit, and everything will line up perfectly."

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