SVO Side Skirts and Dynomax Side Exhaust

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  1. Pair of very hard to find SVO Side skirts and matching dynomax side exhaust kit. Decided to change my exhaust set up and I never installed this set up with the side skirts. One of the exhaust sides has been spray painted in high temp paint that has not yet cured b/c it has not been installed. The other side is as is when I got it. The SVO side skirts have never been installed from what I can tell, they have been reinforced on the back side as well. Side exhaust was installed for about a month before the car set up was changed. These parts are large and or heavy so shipping will be a hassle. I am willing to work the shipping cost but please note that the buyer is going to pay the bulk of the shipping. PM me for any further info.

    *Note* This set up should fit any 94-98. $650 for the whole set up + shipping.

    Videos of the exhaust are below the pics.






    1994 Cobra Dynomax Side Exhaust WOT Run - YouTube

    1994 Cobra Mustang Dynomax side exhaust idle - YouTube
  2. These still for sale?
Thread Status:
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