SVO Supercharger for 4.6L 2v

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  1. ***FOR SALE! SVO Supercharger***

    This is for the 4.6L 2v 'Modular--NPI' motor. Came out of a Mustang and has about 3K miles on it. Injectors, Mass Air, Alt bracket/bolts, serpentine, fuel pump, idler pulley and bolt...almost everything you'll see in the photo's below and that you'd need to put this on any 4.6L 2v application.
    There is a thread discussion on these units from 2008 here on this site so if you need any performance tips on this, visit that.
    This is one of 500 made by Ford and is way less expensive to get a S/C than the aftermarket kits on the market...and this stays factory. I have reduced my asking price on this from $2,495.00 to $2,250.00...what I have in it for everything and I will ship through FedEx, UPS or USPS at my cost w/no handling charge.
    I am a motivated seller and want this to find the right home so make this yours. I want to break even on this so PM me; e-mail me at [email protected]; or phone me (707) 307-3506. You can hit this Photobucket link to see all of the photo's of the SVO.
    Since I originally posted this ad, I screwed up both of my hands trying to stay working. Lost my job last year, just had bought this through Robert P. of the TCCoA club by referral from him, now I am scheduled to see an Ortho Surgeon for both my hands on 10/7. I can't afford to get this on my ride, can't really find anyone familiar with these out here in Northern California so am really up against it. So, thanks for looking and make my loss your gain.Pictures by Honeoxhaaketa - Photobucket
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  3. Bump for a nice blower! Ask me how I know. ;)

    Also, you should probably clarify if it is for NPI or PI heads.
  4. Other than a fuel pump and a tune, what else would be needed to get this thing installed and running?
  5. I've got the fuel pump and filter so you won't need that. Got the injectors and Mass Air so think that is pretty much it. Don't have the fuel logs but I believe the ones on your current set up are the same. There are no hood clearance problems so all you'll have to do is route your intake tube to your air box or cold air. Termostat and possibly the neoprene lines may route different, but I don't think you'll have anything else. I have more photo's of the S/C but have a problem getting them up loaded to the ad so if you want them, please shoot me your e-mail address so I can send them all to you. Also, sneaky98gt (message above) has one on his Mustang so he may be a good source of information on this installation. Let me know here or on my e-mail ([email protected]) if you need the photo's.
  6. Here's the list of things needed: (copy and pasted from a PM a while back)

    1. The blower
    2. New serpentine belt (111.5 inches for me)
    3. 3/4 inch hose and elbow for the heater hose
    4. Some 19/32 inch hose for the PCV tube
    5. Fuel pump (more than likely, you may can get by with the stock one); I used a SVT Focus pump in my 98 year model, not sure about other year models
    6. Fuel injectors; I think 30 pounders are a minimum; I used 39 pound Cobra injectors; if you use these you will need some EV6-EV1 adapters to plug them up; I have an extra set of these adapters that I'll sell you cheap if you are interested
    7. MAF; once again, you may can get by with the stock, but I went ahead and got a 90 mm Lightning MAF because it's cheap and will hold more power than I'll ever make
    8. Various sizes of vacuum hoses and fittings to plumb up the extra vacuum fittings on the blower
    9. Spark plugs; at least 1 step colder, maybe 2; I'm using the NGK TR-55s (1 step colder), if I remember correctly, with no problems (*now using the TR6s with no problems*)
    10. A new hose or at least an elbow to re-plumb the radiator hose
    11. New thermostat (not required, but a good idea); I used a 180 degree
    12. Brackets for the new idler pulley, alternator, throttle cable, and DFME (or something like that); these are the real bi***es; it took me a while to make these, and they are really hard to describe, which is why I said get the install kit if you can.
    13. DEFINITELY have to have a tune; my car would hardly run with the bigger injectors and MAF before the tune

    It looks like you already have the blower, fuel injectors, fuel pump, alternator relocation bracket/idler pulley bracket, and idler pulley/bolt. I also see the PCV hose and IAC hose. Plus, you said you have the MAF sensor as well.

    So here's what will be needed to install this blower:

    1. A new serpentine belt (somewhere around 111-112 inches).
    2. About 2 feet of 3/4" heater hose and 1 3/4" elbow.
    3. Some 19/32" hose for the driver side PCV valve. If you keep the stock plastic tube, you only need a few inches of it. Recently, I removed the tube and routed about 3 feet of the hose around the back of the blower for a cleaner look.
    4. A few feet of vacuum hose and tees to fit in that vacuum hose. I don't recall what size I used, but it's whatever size will fit nice and snug over the existing nylon plastic vacuum tube. There's a couple of extra vacuum fittings on the blower, and you will need to splice off the existing vacuum lines with the tees and vacuum hose and connect to them. It's not complicated.
    5. Spark plugs. I started out with the NGK TR55s (platinum), but after having some slight detonation issues, I switched over to the TR6s (copper), which are a heat range new colder and don't retain as much heat as the platinum plugs.
    6. A new radiator hose fitted for the blower. OR, you can cut your existing one and place an elbow in between them. I did this and have had no problems with it.
    7. 180 degree thermostat. Probably not necessary, but most supercharged guys run one.
    8. Throttle cable bracket. This one will be most difficult to make. I have no real way of describing it. Once you put everything together, it's clear how it has to be made, but it's still kinda tricky to make.
    9. DMPE (or something like that) bracket. This is the thing on the rear driver's side of the motor. Does something with the exhaust, or EGR. It's a pretty simple bracket to make.
    10. Modify the driver side coil pack mounting bracket. The belt will just barely hit this bracket, and you have to cut/grind off a little material from this bracket. It's not that hard to do, but you just need the correct tools (grinder, sawzall, bandsaw, etc.).
    11. EV1-EV6 adapters for the fuel injectors, assuming you have the Cobra injectors. I still have a set if anyone wants them for cheap.
    12. Tune. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must.

    1. Lightning IAT sensor relocation. I don't have this done on my blower (yet), but I'd highly recommend it. Basically, you just relocate the IAT sensor to the exhaust side of the blower by drilling/tapping a hole and using a Lightning IAT sensor. This allows the computer to correctly add/remove timing based on intake air temperatures. This is much safer and will allow you to make more power as well. It is much easier to do with the blower off the car, and I wouldn't put this blower on a car without the IAT sensor relocated.
    2. Methanol kit. Definitely not necessary, but it will make it MUCH safer and allow for more power. It is a great power mod and extra insurance for just an extra $300-$400. You could probably expect 30-40 rwhp just from a methanol kit, ESPECIALLY during the summer months where hot weather SUCKS!
    3. Gauges. Also not necessary, but they are nice. I'd recommend a boost gauge and a wideband at the least, and a fuel pressure gauge would be a nice addition as well.

    I THINK that is most everything. I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two, but I think I've got all the major stuff anyway. If either of you have any questions or want any pictures of my setup, just let me know.

    And I need to apologize for taking this long to reply. I've been so dang busy lately, and it sucks.
  7. SVO Supercharger

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  8. SVO Supercharger

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  9. SOLD the SVO today (10-11-11) so it has moved on to a new home. Got what I was asking, no quibbling from the new owner. He knew what it was and wanted it for his application, so am happy it has found its way to someone who wanted it. Thanks for those who understood my situation and the injuries I am dealing with. It is appreciated.
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