Engine Svo Turbo Bad ?

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  1. 84 svo... T-3 gasket blew to a unknown bolt broken on the flange instelf.. I fear the gasket shot into the turbo... Now its all back togather and I her a constant scraping noise near the turbo

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  2. Pull the house off the front of the turbo and check for shaft play. Make sure it spins freely.
  3. Gasket may have gotten lodged inside the turbo vanes. Pop your inlet hose off and take a peak see
  4. err, thinking about this, what gasket blew? I would assume where the turbo mounts to the exhaust piping, that gasket wouldve blown right into your exhaust
  5. It was the t3 flange gasket .. worst part was it was a metal gasket not one of those metallic ceramic plastic ones... I say worst part cause I believe to what happened was it got lodged in there and bent the shaft.... There is play and I think it made the turbine rub from shaft play
  6. Extremely unlike that the gasket would have gotten in. That area is under pressure, so if any pieces broke free, they would have blown out, no possibility of getting sucked in. The issue you are having may very well be turbo failure, but I doubt its related to the gasket.
  7. You need to pull the turbo off and remove the housings to see what is really going on. I bet the bearings were already spent. It's highly unlikely that the gasket got sucked into the turbine because turbine drive pressure is at least twice the boost pressure. At 14psi there is about 30psi inside the manifold pushing the gasket pieces away from the turbo.
  8. Yeah it's the bearings ... They were spent, also causing oil to get through . In need of a new turbo ... This happened while the car was at a idle in the parking lot. So I know it was not really cooking. It was bound to happen.