SVT 4.6 Terminator 1968 Bronco

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  1. Just wanted to show anyone that's interested my resent project. A 1968 Bronco powered by a 2003 SVT 4.6 with a ported Snake Bite Eaton Charger backed by a Art Carr C6 and Stak 3 speed Transfer Case. Front and rear axles are out of a 2003 Superduty on 17" Raceline Beadlocks and 42" MTR Kevlar Goodyears. It's taken me about 16 months on and off of long nights and weekends. Still have lots to do but finally got her back from my wiring guy and fired up for the first time in a year and a half.

    Red Label 4.6 SVT 68 Bronco - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board

    YOUTUBE VIDEO (Startup)
    YouTube - 1968 Bronco SVT Terminator 4V 4.6

  2. THAT! is the coolest F-ing Bronco i have EVER seen!!! I dunno why i have such a hard on for it, but Bad ass man!! great job!
  3. Wow, that is freaking cool!
  4. Well that's something you certainly don't see everyday. Welcome to SN btw.

  5. Nice swap!!!
  6. Well money's getting tight so I improvised on the spare tire carrier. lol J/K
    Just propped it up to try and get some measurements on angles and spacings. Also realized I never posted up a pic of the gas filler neck and return in the new location.

  7. Added some bling.

    This Bronco is Snake Bit.

  8. UPDATE 3/30/11

    So I got everything bent last night that I need to finish her up, plus some. Even got the tube for the Miata Baby Bronco bent up. Probably take me through the weekend to get everything up and in since I bent like 3 sticks of tube last night. Spare tire carrier is tacked. But is cutting the tire plate today. Looks like my idea of taking the bottom OE hinge and flipping it up to the driver side is going to work perfect. Plan on using safety lock pins to lock it in. Something easy to pull off that won't grow legs, require a tool to unlock, and no complicated latching assembly that just wears out. Will probably use a little patch of Teflon or rubber between the plate and OE hinges to minimize rattling. Finally clicked an under hood shot too. Only major thing left to so under there is complete the hoop brace.

  9. that is simply fantastic
  10. UPDATE 3/31/11

    So welded in the driver side tubes last night. I hate welding body work. It takes foooooooooooooorever. Oh well front was a pain but the rear went fairly smooth. I think I'm going to get the tubes LineXed. But I'm really happy with the lines and only had to put a couple small 2-3 degree bends in to make it somewhat follow the contour of the body coming down into the sliders.

  11. UPDATE 4/3/11

    So got the mounting plate for the spare tire all welded in, flipped and bolted up the driver side tire carrier attachment, and welded in the rollcage supports. She's off to LineX on Wednesday for spray on the fender tubes. All that's left before LineX is capping the 2x6 sliders, front tower brace, and possibly rear spare tire bars if there's time.

    Front Support
    Middle Support
    Rear Hinge Flipped and Bolted to Driver Side
  12. Nice build. Plan to run it at the track any just for the heck of it?
  13. lol I do have room for a rear sway bar but not a front one. It can't be worse than the '62 Powerstroke I built, that thing is a handful. I have a set of 37"s for it that I picked up for cheep and a set of 2011 Superduty 20" wheels that have a huge backspacing to bring the tires way in for running around town. That's what I'll do all my dyno tuning and such on too. Then once I get her out on the street and dialed in, ya I'd love to take her to the track and see how fast she'll run. I plan on stopping by the scales this weekend on the way down to SoCal to see how much she weighs, minus the top.
  14. Fabulous Fords Forwever "Knott's Berry Farm"

    Just letting anyone that's heading out there or close by, I'll have her a Fabulous Fords this weekend at Knott's Berry in SoCal.
  15. UPDATE 4/10/11

    Well Friday night was crazy but got most things done I wanted to on the list for the show. Tower support still gets a cut plate tying them together with House of Diesel cut into it. Tire carrier came out great just took forever with the grind fit, grind fit, grind fit on the corners. Got finished up about 1:00 AM Saturday and went to load the trailer and the new Superduty has a Class 5 Hitch so I had to wait till the morning to leave. Put us in SoCal early afternoon to get the rigs washed and cleaned up. Dang SoCal Saturday traffic is retarded. Well here are a few pics of last minute updates. Will post Monday or Tuesday all the picks from the show.

  16. Sorry guys, but she won't leave the Sears parking lot. Now she won't even start. I think the plugs are fouled now from cranking on her and the constant flooding from the timing/air/fuel mixture be so far off. Well I'll still spend the morning hanging out and get some good pics to post. Sorry things didn't work out if ya missed her.
  17. Very interesting build.!! Sorry to hear it didn't make it to the show. When you get it running let us know how that high revving Cobra engine does in the mud. :rolleyes:
  18. She was fast until you welded on 1000 pounds of chrome moly tube. :rlaugh: Dude that is one sick ride. Very nice job on all the fabrication work. Hows that Accel ignition working out?
  19. Ran it for 2 years in a buggy and it did great. All the tube is just DOM.