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  1. I'm sure some of you also noticed the fact that the SVT Focus cost around 20 grand and yet still ran mid-15s. This price being around a Mustang's, which went fourteens. Where did they get the idea that the SVT Focus was actually going to sell very well. I read that there wasn't enough interest in the Focus, so they aren't going to make it anymore. Don't they notice why? It's because of the slow Eclipse-like times and the high Eclipse-like (for the car) price. If they wanted to, they could have it faster than the Mustang for a bunch cheaper with a GTs V-8 or something like that. I know they would never do that, but they could. So, any clue as to why the SVT Focus cost so much?
  2. 6 speed, rims, exclusive body pieces, headlights, all that other crap adds was a good deal at the time until that ugly as$ srt-4 came out....i'd rather drive a focus than a civic. Focus is oriented around the whole 4 cylinder import scene....its affordable and cheap to insure something that a lot of teenagers look for and their parents feel good about them buying a four cylinder....many aspects to it
  3. Are you retarded?
  4. Being the owner of one, I must say it is a great car. Mine stickered at $20,200. Bought it for $16,600 I consider it money well spent. I love driving it. It will never replace my Mustang however.
  5. I see a ton of SVT Focus's on the used car lots and rolling around here in PA...I have always liked them, but now that the SRT-4 is out, its getting alot of attention in the 4 banger world and its a good deal. I believe that SVT isn't modding the Focus no more(SVT version), but Ford is still producing them.

  6. It's because SVT stopped production on all models, not just the focus.

    The SRT-4's aren't selling well at all from what i've been hearing and seeing. They will not discount them to employees or family so it's discouraging a big group.
  7. Not selling well...thats ashame because for 20 grand you can have a 13 second car with a warranty. I guess the Civics are still popular.
  8. Well, I got my SVT Freakus for $15,300 with TT&L so I think that's a pretty good deal. Yeah, it doesn't run the the 1/4 mile as fast as a Neon SRT-4, but 1 it doesn't have a turbo, and 2 it will out handle a neon all day, and our cars were not intended to run the 1/4 mile like a V8 mustang. They can out handle a lot of cars on road courses though. I think they stopped making them because Ford engineers were too stupid to realize that if they had put a turbo on it, like the Focus Cosworth RS in Europe, that they would have sold the crap out of them even for a few thosand dollars more. Bottom line is that Ford wanted to give us a half assed car that shouldn't be called an SVT and concentrate on Mustang sales. Don't get me wrong, I still love my car, but it needs a turbo like the RS. :bang:
  9. i got me an 04 SVT Focus. i also have a supercharged 99 GT. they are night and day. both are fun to drive. the high E.T's don't do justice for the car. 1st gear is kind of tall. 2nd gear is where it's at. this car is at home on a road coarse, not a drag track.
  10. I drove a SVT Focus. And have to be honest. It had some zip to it. I was impressed. Thats my 2 cents.

    Anyone out there stuffed a 5.0 in there?