SVT/Mach 1 vs. SRT-4 Decision

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  1. O.K., so here is my dilemma- I am shopping for my next car and I cannot decide between an '04 SRT-4 and a Cobra or Mach 1 Mustang- (I don't want to start a Ford/Dodge debate- because I bleed Ford Blue- but love Dodge just the same- both American non-ricer's) I have made a mini-pro/con list and was just asking for advice from those who own the cars to help me out:
    SRT-4 Pros: Less money / better fuel mileage / cheaper to mod / Mopar stays under warranty / with mods can semi-run with STOCK Cobras and Mach 1's / cheaper insurance / will have less miles than used Mustang / payments are less!
    SRT-4 Negatives: Too Neony? / hard to run with modded Mustang / interior / lacks heritage / fwd (though a positive in snowy Chicago weather) / exhaust too whiny? (but I would add the Mopar Borla exhaust)

    I don't know, just sitting here writing this is making my mind run a mile a minute- maybe I should just get the SRT-4 and an old Mustang to rebuild-

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance- and sorry about the long post! :flag:
  2. It would take a ton of mods with nos and I would still have to doubt you could keep up with a Cobra....

    Just think what you want and pick what you want... making sure you can afford what you want and won't regret what you got (make sence?)
  3. your'e joking, right? you have to ask yourself one simple question, "could I ever be cool driving a neon/rice?" the answer is simple....NO!
  4. Cobra all the way. Would you really be content driving a neon? It doesn't matter how fast it is, its still a neon and considered rice. Not flaming you, but thats what most members here are gonna tell you.
  5. Yeah, I agree that I don't think I would be content driving the SRT-4, after hearing put that way- I'll just save for another few months and buy the Mustang- I mean money is meant to be spent, right?
  6. I think you should go for the compromise -- the Mach 1 is a good car. It handles very well, looks nice, has good power, and is quite a bit less than the Cobra.
  7. Mach or the srt-4 is just a neon with a turbo. :notnice:
  8. Go to or some similar site. You will find low milage mach1s (10K miles or less) for 23k and less. Some as low as 21000. It won't even sound gay. Somethingt I would wonder about is how many miles that little 4 banger is going to keep putting out that kind of hp. Plus it is a little ricey.
  9. I agree- there is no way a revvy little four-banger is gonna sound as good, or be as soothing/relaxing on cool summer evenings as a big throaty American V8. There really isnt a decision to be made here. The only areas a neon has any supremacy over a Cobra or Mach have NOTHING to do with performance!!

    I bought my Cobra cause they haul arse- not cause i wanted a cheap, eco car that has a turbo. And yes- the whole purpose of money is to SPEND it! You cant take it with you after this life ;)

    Quit thinking about it and get a cobra!! :)
  10. if you go with the neon i would say make sure you have a bangin girl in the front at all times to keep the respect.
  11. Whenever considering a new vehicle and comparing the various candidates, count the number of cylinders in each, and buy the one with the most that you can afford.


  12. Driving a Cobra or Mach 1 in snowy Chicago winters is a bad idea. Can you afford a beater and get collectors car insurance on the Cobra? I bet it would be cheaper that way than insuring the Cobra all year round. I'd get the Neon only if you can get one car.
  13. These guys are just biased. Your on a Mustang forum, what do you think their answers are going to be? If you have the money, go with the Cobra, of course. But if money is an issue, the SRT4 is a pretty bad-ass 4 cyl. and will still be able to take all those riced out Hondas and maybe with a little modification (i.e. boost controller, bigger intercooler, etc.) a few Cobras.
  14. Who wants a car that says, “Hi”? :shrug:

    Mine says, “Get the #%&^$ out of the way!” :nice:
  15. If a hot girl had a tricked out Neon it might be cool. Horsepower will never make-up for the fact that it is a neon. I bet there are a hand-full of ricers that are faster than my Cobra............but in the end they still are ricers. Mustangs Have History. In closing, chose what works for you. :)
  16. When I see an SRT-4 coming down the road I usually say to myself, "What a loser." Everyone is right, it's still a Neon. If you buy one, you'll have to hang with the ricer crowd b/c the neon is accepted there, which may have negative consequences (such as you becoming a ricer after hanging out w/ them so long). You won't be accepted by the mustang/GM crowd, so if you get the neon you mine as well stop your liking for American V8 cars b/c more than likely they'll not like you.
  17. If your also worrying about modding. I know a couple of guys w/ 03 cobras that have spent 3,000 dollars on performance mods and are @ 500rwhp. So put 3 grand in either car and see what happens. That neon will not come anywhere close to a 03 cobra stock or even a modded 99/01 cobra. For example, (this is to only help you out), I know a kid also w a srt-4, (turbo-back exhaust, CAI, stage 2 mopar??, Blow-off valve, chip, and some other stuff) I dont know it all but I just pull on him all day. But even if he could beat me its still a neon.
    Pull up to a club/party in a Neon or a Cobra and see who get the girl!!

  18. A True pimp always gets the girl, but a neon does'nt help."hey baby, want to ride in my neon" :rlaugh:
  19. Cobra all the way!!!!!!!! :flag:
  20. I hate to come off harsh, but COME ON!?!?!?!? A Neon SRT vs a Mustang Cobra?

    2 totally different class cars. This comparsion is like asking 'should I get a Minivan or Small Pick-up truck'. Anyone shopping for a Cobra shouldn't be shopping for a Neon. :nonono: Two totally different vehicles.

    The SRT is a quick little car and I give props to Dodge for going after the market but I don't see it as comparable to the Mustang Cobra, maybe the SVT Focus. Not the Cobra. :notnice:
    My recommendation comes down to what do you want and what can you afford? You've listed the PROs and CONs to the SRT Neon, and the affordable solution sounds good to me. :nice:
    Good luck deciding!!!!