SVT/Mach 1 vs. SRT-4 Decision

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  1. in my opinion go with what u can afford and u wanna have some money left over for some mods. also my brother has a srt-4 and i gotta say i was pleasantly suprised at how quick they are. anyway good luck with ur decision.
  2. I like the SRT4 and an old Mustang project idea personally. :)
  3. Wait for the 05 Mustang GT which is only about 2 months away. It will be cheaper than the Mach, just as fast, better handling, much more refined, much safer (gas tank is in front of rear wheels, side impact is far superior -has optional side air bags and and safety cage. What can I say, it's is way better than the Mach which is a pretty good car itself).
  4. Thanks to all for the advice- I am confident that my decision is Mustang all the way: When it comes down to the end of the day- I have the Mustang shirts and posters in my garage- my first car and love was the Mustang- and I know I would not be happy banging around town in the SRT-4. Though I am not buying my car "to get girls" as I already have my fiance- nor am I getting my car to "be accepted by the Ford/GM crowd," I am buying it for ME- and at the end of the day- advice and all- thats all that matters. Though, hearing the advice from those of you that offered it unbiased- I appreciate it and cannot thank you enough for assisting in my decision.
  5. Bottom line, go with what you can pay for and still live to spend money elsewhere. However, a Neon is a Neon is a Neon. :)
  6. why not consider the STI, at least its somewhat manly and would fit into your winters better than any of the cars your looking at. I would hate to drive a neon and would chose the cobra over them all but the sub might be a better all around choice.
  7. No brainer. Cobra my man. :p
  8. my friend has an 04 srt and it beats my other friends 03 cobra atm. He's bumped the boost up to 22lbs on the stock block so far and didn't go the mopar mod route and did his own and run's 12's now. As for the cobra, its about to have a few g's put into it and is going to put down about 500rwhp. But if you can't afford to mod just get a gt or something and a crotch rocket.
  9. Living in chicago I could see the neon for all year around.But a cobra and Mach are great cars and you will have more fun in either.The Neon is neat for a neon,but it tries to hard to be part of the import crowd.Even if youre not into imports youll be one.Buy whats best for you.I bought a Mach 1and am very happy with it.As for a crotch rocket in the city,you might as well pick out your plot at the cemetery.And remember this it cant snow all the time.
  10. Cobra in a heart beat. :nice:
  11. Are you kidding? The dealer markup for the first year is going to be outrageous.
  12. well having just been in your shoes, I looked all around, and at alot of different cars, the SRT-4 seemed good at first but after really researching them I found more problems with them then I wanted (I already had a DSM which is very problematic.) I also looked at the Mach/Cobra comparison, and well the payments for each were almost the same per month (Cobra would just be for a year longer) and insurance was only $100 a year more for the Cobra. I also looked at the STI and Evo 8 and the cost was about the same as the Cobra, but I already had a turbocharged 4 cyl, and really just didnt like the box styling of those cars. In the end I took the advice of a 50+ year old coworker who told me, "you only live once, get what you want, don't get a econo box if you can afford the sports car, you will regret it." So I drive a Cobra, and haven't had 1 regret yet.
  13. i have a friend with an SRT-4 and one with a 03 Mach 1. if i had the choice, i would not hesitate to take the Mach 1.

    Mach 1 vs. SRT-4

    style - Mach 1
    sound - Mach 1
    ride quality - Mach 1
    potential - Mach 1
    traction Mach 1
    big spoiler - SRT-4
    obnoxious body kit - SRT-4
  14. Best and most profound words yet. Thanks. :nice:
  15. I have 04 Competition Orange Mach 1, I looked at the 04 Cobra but choosed the Mach 1. Dealers around here sell them (mach 1) used for 20K-23K with low miles. The Mach are very strong cars from the factory. I dynoed 292rwhp & 316tq stock. My friend has a 03 with 4.30 gears only and raced a friend 04 Cobra (stock) They were side by side all the way to fourth gear where the Cobra pulled on him. So don't think a Mach is slow they will surpise you for stock cars.

    Neon is a Neon, so no to rice. Mustang owners don't let mustang owners drive rice lol
  16. Your contemplating on buying a neon???? whoaaaaa think about this one
  17. The bottom line is this, don't listen to what other people say about a car, make up your own mind. People from all walks of life own every model out there. I've seen plenty of "riced out" Mustangs, simply because the owners were into that style. Plenty of SRT-4 owners are not "ricers," but are Turbo Dodge/American Muscle lovers. Most bought the car because it's the best "bang for the buck" 4 door car out there. One just ran 11.1 @ 132, you call that rice? Those of you Mustang owners that are knocking the little 4 cyl turbo car know absolutely nothing about Mustang history. Do some research on the Mustang SVO, then get back to me. As for the guy that said "there's no way a little 4 cyl can sound as good as an American V8..." have a listen to an SRT-4 with a 3" exhaust and get back to me.

    It's real easy for Mustang owners to elevate their beloved Mustang above the Neon, but remember, there are plenty of Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari owners that view Mustangs in the same way some Mustang guys regard Neons. BTW, there were plenty of Mustang models in the past that were equal in quality to the past Neons that some of you relate the SRT-4 to. I'm sure you'd all agree that the SRT-4 is not your run of the mill Neon. Truth be told, it is in another league in comparision to other Neon models, especially the older models. If most of you "SRT-4 haters" actually drove/road in an SRT-4 (especially a modded one), your opinion of it would be quite different. Before the SRT-4 came out, I couldn't have imagined I would buy a Neon, but when I read up on it, I knew it would be a great car for the money, and I was right.

    admdays: Since you're already a big Mustang fan, I'd suggest you get the Mach 1. But I'd first suggest you drive them all to see which one fits your needs/desires best.

    To the guy that said: "Pull up to a club/party in a Neon or a Cobra and see who get the girl!!"

    I'll tell you who gets the girl...the better looking guy does.

    BTW, I currently own an '03 SRT-4, and an '03 Cobra.
  18. Also... if you're concerned about safety in snowy conditions. You may want to consider a Subaru WRX or an '05 Legacy GT. The '05 models just came out and the Legacy GT is getting rave reviews. They added a turbo this year. I sat in one at the auto show and the build quality was on par with the BMWs. The overall performance is being compared with that of Audi's and other more expensive cars. Here it is...

    The sedan will do 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds, and with new Z-rated tires and Eibach springs, I bet this car would handle great.
  19. Most people won't leave you alone if you get a neon, BUT I can tell you from personal experience, $2500 can get you a LOW 12 sec neon that's trapping 115+ on the stock turbo ;) I was trapping 111 before the nitrous, so mid-high 12s on stock turbo ALL day on slicks/drag radials w/ about $2000 in mods.....I don't even want to mention how it does on the highway but you get the point. I bought my car for bang for the buck. Its a STRONG car and mine isn't your avg one. I have a local dealer that will let an 03 go for $16500, it has 17,000 miles and is stock. BUT If you are used to mustangs it may be hard to adjust at first, you'll never miss the sound of a stang-you'll never miss the sporty feel of the stang, but you would be surprised in the neon. If I can help in any way answering questions for you about the car feel free to ask.
    ALSO, the 11.1@133 was ran on a STOCK longblock SRT w/ 520hp and 530ftlbs at the wheels! The stock engines are taking 400hp and 400ftlbs off just a turbo upgrade, fuel, etc...BASICALLY, if you want a fast grocery getter, $4500 will take a stock SRT into the 11s at 115+mph. Proven recipe.
    I think the car had a full interior also, I KNOW it has a/c, p/s etc.
  20. I couldnt take driving a fwd car ;) I still say check out the sti since you actually have a winter.