SVT/Mach 1 vs. SRT-4 Decision

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  1. I've been sitting here trying to think of something stupider than buying a USED SRT-4, but I can't. I mean, I could count the SRT-4 owners on one hand that aren't 17-year-old annoying little gay riceboys and we all know how well they treat their cars.

    Anyway, my vote is Mach 1. They can be had for mid-low 20's NEW if you look and the slightly cheaper (not to mention FWD, uglier, Neon-based, whale-tail, and the fact that any SRT-4 club would consist of the people mentioned above and not 40 years worth of Mustangs and their owners) and the Neon would still have to make up .5+seconds before the Mach has anything to worry about. Buy a Mustang, you won't regret it (unless you can't actually afford it :D )
  2. Aside from being domestics, about the only thing a cobra has in common with a neon is the "O".


    :D I'm biased though.
  3. i had the same delima a few months back of wether or not to sell my 96 mysticcobra and get a neon srt-4 i decided to keep my stang. regarding it to take alot of money to mod a srt-4 for about 5K you can be puting 550 hp to tthe ground.
  4. don't touch the neon....stay away. sure it makes a little power but man it's a 4 cylinder front wheel drive that I can't get myself to think of as a domestic. I would respect you more as a car lover if you got a stang or even an sti or lancer evo but no neon bro....
  5. Kids love 'me

    I was at a Midnight Madness at the local 1/8th mile Dragway on July 3rd and (I'm not kidding) 5 of those Neon SRT-4's showed up. I'd never seen one at the DR's before. Anyway, it musta been rice burner night. There were two Mitsu Evo VIII's, a couple Subie WRX STI's, and no kidding 5 stock Cavaliers. Young High Schoolers in all but the EVO's.

    The 1st SRT4 I raced had a cra**y driver and it was no contest.
    Second one hole shotted me by a length and I reeled him in like a small fish.

    Then I raced a white EVO RS (they have much less weight than thewinged version) and she had a very good driver.

    I pulled back up on him after he got a heck of a jump (3-4 cars at 60'). We both ran 8.77's. Mine was at 87mph barely shifting into 3rd gear. His trap speed was 78mph and he crossed the 1/8 pole red-lined in 3rd gear. That should tell you the story of these ricers. In a 1/4 mile or longer they have no chance. :lol:

    Anyway I raced White EVO RS dude 2 more times and he beat me on the last one (darned missed 2-3 shift again) but to his credit he turned an 8.4 with a 1.778 60' time.

    Anyway COBRA All the way! :banana:
  6. mach all the way, i saw in a magazine they did a comparison of the mach 1 and the cam ss the aniversary edition and for the first time the mustang overall did better then the camaro, the neon has always been known to be alittle *female dog car, it would take a bunch of mods to equal a mach, and really the only thing u can get is like a stage 3 turbo which will be tons of money or make it sound like a can by getting a huge exhuast, or a air intake, i will admit it dosent look that bad, it looks aggresive but its still a neon and would never consider getting one over a mach, the new mach 1 is a beast, so is the cobra so either will be the better then the neon, and its not just becuase you are in the mustang svt section, if there was a question on a cobra or a brand new corvette i would totaly take the vette, and if u go to a neon forum there gonna tell you to get the neon only becuase your talking to a bunch of ricers, one thing i have to say about ricers, i was watching a show cause i was bored about ricers, and this guy says, "going fast is cool but looking good is everything", so that just shows you what type of people you will be talking to if you go to a ricer neon forum
  7. sry double post

    EDIT: srt-4's run 14.9's stock, mach 1's run low 13's like 13.4 i would go with the mach 1, it seems more of a mature car then the srt4, im not sayin u seem more mature in it but the car itself seems more mature, kind of hard to explain
  8. No, they run [email protected] for the 2003 and [email protected] I ran a [email protected] in mid July last year stock. I expect bashing, I AM on a Ford forum, I like the Mach 1-if $$$ and insurance aren't considered, why stop at the Mach1-a used 03 Cobra can run $23k, theres one local for $23,900 w/ 40k miles.
    I wish people were a little more open minded, if anyone was local in Warner Robins area and hates neons, I'm down to meet all kinds of new people...hate my car or not, as long as you run [email protected]+ you won't have to worry about me :) New stuff just went on again and still under $3000 in mods :)
    But it's still no mustang.
    And yes, whatever forum you go to you'll get biased opinions, but there are ricers and idiots in every forum...TRUST me, there are just as many here as any other forum.
  9. well from the test drives ive seen online they run 14.9 and 0-60 in like 6.2, im not hating on srt-4's im just saying the mach is a much better choice
  10. i've seen similar've got to ring that thing out to make that power....11's in a srt4 for under 3k? I dunno about that...and if it is possible it isn't going to last long...they run like 18#'s stock or some ridiculous number like that.......
  11. tuning, all in tuning, I got 12.5 psi stock on an 03. The Mach 1 IS a much better car though. That's something we can all agree on ;)
    Probably more like $3500 if you included the price of slicks. A guy on the forum w/ less than me went [email protected] full interior on slicks. Same setup for almost a year now. I agree as far as how long it'll last but anytime you beat on something stuff gonna break. I bent the knuckles on both axles on street tires, so far 25,000 and going strong, knock on wood. I've been making enough power to take me (3150lbs) to 111mph and over 100 timeslips since I purchased the car.
    Mach1s are nice.
  12. don't get me wrong here....I'm not "hating" on you or anything I am just going by actual raw numbers that I have seen at the track and on the street.......

  13. :rolleyes:

    If they are faster than you, they arent ricers.
  14. Saw on SpeedTV last nite. Changed out Intake, Turbo, header, intercooler, 3 inch full exhaust. With a tune... put down 372 FWHP..... not to shabby.....

    Still like my Cobra though...
  15. :stupid:

    If it was me I would run with a 03' Cobra but its all about whats practical for you. Also the Neon may be better in your area with all the snow you guys get. Heck I hate foriegn cars but If I lived up there I would go with a WRX ;)
  16. Not too shabby at all. Probably a mother ****er to put it to the pavement though.
  17. There are a few SRT-4's here where I live (Canada).

    A blue one a few days ago made the mistake of thinking my Cobra was just a dressed up GT...he'll never make that mistake again.:)

    I let him drive recklessly like an idiot through curves, hanging out behind him, just keeping pace, hoping to lead him to think I was trying.

    As soon as we hit a straightaway, the look on his face was quite funny...I think his jaw is still on the floor...

    Seriously, the Cobra is the way to go. It's a hand-built race engine with a 5 year warranty that's incredibly strong. It has never ceased to impress me with its smooth revving and power. I have a hard time going home after an afternoon of driving...I enjoy driving it that much. And the best part is that you can ramp the power to insane levels for very little cash if you are so inclined.

    And it just sounds vicious...:D
  18. I would go with a Mach 1. Cobra is a lot of money, and a Neon is cheap, but come on.......a Neon?? You will buy the Neon, and get better gas mileage, and in 2 years the paint will fall off of it, because Dodge can't get their head out of their butt, and get the paint to stick to any of their cars. And just matter what you have done to a Neon and no matter how bad you smoked a Mustang/Camaro/Corvette/V-8 car, it is still just a NEON!!! Buy a Mustang Man!!!!!!! Neons get :owned: on Stangnet!!