SVT vs Cobra? Any Difference? & Horsepower inquiry..

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 94Silverbullet, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Is there a difference in an 01 Cobra and an 01 SVT Cobra?

    How much Flywheel and how much rear wheel HP on an 01 SVT Cobra?


  2. You are kidding aren't you?!?!? :shrug: The Mustang SVT Cobra is all the same, no difference between a SVT Mustang and a Cobra, they are the same thing. Also, SVT wasnt introduced to the Mustang until 93.
  3. yea what he said
  4. you must be new to the scene huh?
  5. Well they made a "Cobra" for Canada back then, but it was just a GT with badges...
  6. No I'm not kidding, nor am I new to the scene. I've owned Mustangs since 92. How long have you guys been on the scene? I've Just owned LX's and GT's. I do not own a Cobra or know much about them as you can see. A friend of mine bought one and asked me this morning if the "SVT" meant anything.

    What does "SVT" stand for? Special Vehicle Team?
  7. yes, SVT stands for Special Vehicle Team

    mustang cobra, svt focus, f-150 lightning, svt contour
  8. 94Silverbullet - you might want to browse through the official SVT website at They have a good archive section where you can look up information/specs on past SVT vehicles. :cheers:

  9. Big difference. A 1991 Cobra is a Canadian trim level car which offers no performance upgrades over a 91 GT. A 1993 SVT Cobra (first year for SVT) has GT-40 Heads, Cobra Intake, 4 wheel disk brakes. Stock 1993 Cobra's are also worth allot more than a regular fox body GT's as there weren't allot produced (5000 - 6000).
  10. I just saw what I wrote, and I meant an "01" not a 91 cobra! :doh:
  11. Oops

    But yeah what everyone else said

    I had a guy was me what SVT meant once and i told him then he replied with "noway you just made that up" the guy was a tool.
  12. if you didn't know about svt then you are new to the scene......period

  13. Well to answer your question, there is no difference between an SVT Cobra and a Cobra because they are the exact same thing. SVT makes the Cobra.
  14. Z06 C6 what?

    that's nice... bravo bravo! why respond if you can't help answer the Q, or post positive? :shrug: some people think they know everything about everything? What's the latest gearing on a road bicycle(front and rear) and the type of chain used? What's best for flat races? oh, and what are the two top manufacturers?
    get it?

    Thanks to others who replied and posted helpful links.
  15. Maybe he's talking about how on the '99 the badge on the rear says svt cobra & the '01 just says cobra? EDIT :bang: I mean the '01 just says SVT
  16. This isn't a bicycle site last time I checked... :shrug:

    Oh and yeah, BTW, an 01 Cobra and an 01 SVT Cobra is one and the same...
  17. No kidding Sherlock. :rolleyes: Let me spell it out. I was obviously trying to make a point about folks that act like or think they know everything actually don't.

    I thought this was a place to get good info. (no offense to those who gave)

    Oh and yeah, BTW, thanks for the info on the Cobra. :rolleyes:
  18. SVT Cobra and Cobra are two totally different cars. SVT means Special Variable Timing. You get more spark and more power. :rlaugh: :lol:
  19. This week while looking for my Cobra I had a car salesman ask me if I wanted a SVT Cobra or would I settle for a Cobra. What a dumb****. Let's just say that I bought my car at another dealership.