SVT vs Cobra? Any Difference? & Horsepower inquiry..

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 94Silverbullet, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. You should have told him, niether, I want a plain SVT.
  2. You know, the more I think of it you could have told the salesman you would settle for the Cobra if he knocked some off the price.
  3. Nah. The salemsan would've said "The SVT Cobras run $50k...this regular Cobra at $35k is a smokin' deal!"
  4. You guys are absolutely silly.

    All mustang Cobra (US models) are SVT. Period.
    There is no difference between a "Cobra" and "SVT Cobra" because all Cobras made in and for the United States are SVT.

    There was a Canadian Cobra some years back, and it was just a regular GT with cobra emblems.

    Any objections?
    (If there are any, you are wrong)
  5. The badging on the rear of an 01 just says SVT.
    The bumper is what says Cobra. My guess is the 99's said SVT Cobra on the badge because the bumper said Mustang.

  6. Yeah, that's what I meant, even tho that's not what I typed.

    I edited my post. :bang:
  7. I think I would have done a little net surfing before making a post like that. No offense, but I nearly spit my coke out just now when I read that.
  8. hahahaha same with me
  9. Before I put my Cobra emblem in the grill I had a tool come by and Ask me what the difference in the SVT Cobra and the SVT Mustang was, and I said that they are the same thing. I thought he was just confused, but then he goes on to say that is why he does not like ford. He said they Market 2 identicle cars with different names just to make a buck. I was like WTF??? I said no...There is not "SVT MUSTANG", it is just 'SVT Cobra". The SVT mustang is a Cobra. Hence, SVT MUSTANG COBRA. Then his brains really show, and he says but according to your grill emblem you have a mustang, not a cobra :doh: I said that the running pony emblem is how they come, and that everyone puts the Cobra emblem on after they get the car. He then says no, I have seen some setting at the dealer with the cobra Emblem on it. I then said well then the dealer must have put it on then. He still argues with me. I then show him the emblems on the fenders....This is where I walked away before slapping him across the cheek. He said "But you can just buy those off of e-bay and put them on"..No Joke...what a tool.

  10. C'mon man, don't give me that :bs: about "net surfing". How many of you just wanted a quick answer and made a post first? I guess you've never made apost without "net surfing" gimme a break!

    What's with you guys?? You shouldn't assume everything you know about your cobra, everyone else knows. Do ALL of you know EVERYthing about ALL Mustangs? Hayell NO! That's why we have places such as Stangnet.

    Now the guy Hissman was referring to was just a tool, because Hissman gave him explanations about the Horse, the Cobra, etc, and the guy still was like noooo..

    So Y'all need to save all that smart A$$ "ISH" for the ricers and Stang haters. :mad:
  11. Sorry if you got offended. I didn't take the time to go see what I posted, but I apoligize is I said anything that bothered ya...
  12. Hey 94Silverbullet,
    Now that some of the dust has settled...........:shrug: :lol:

    Since nobody bothered to tell 'ya yet, the 2001 SVT Cobra was factory-rated at 320 HP (flywheel), or about 272 HP at the rear wheels.
    Not that you asked, but you might be interested to find out that they're all manual transmissions......... there's no such thing as a Cobra with a factory automatic tranny.
    SVT is the acronym for "Special Vehicle Team"......... all SVT Cobra motors are hand-assembled by two-man teams who work soley on SVT assembly. They also attach an ID plate on the valve cover with their signatures etched into the plate along with the assembly plant of origin location.

    Many of the folks who post here are extremely knowledgeable on all things Cobra.......... Hell, most of us OWN at least one. So perhaps (in retrospect) you can appreciate the skepticism originally offered to your inqury. Rest assured though that the majority are great folks who can offer you a wealth of information now that they recognize the sincerity of your interest.

    Better now ? I hope that helps some. :nice:
  13. cool, thanks for the info. :nice:
  14. ime suprised this post lasted so long
  15. Me too.....

    We are all very knowledgable about our cars and Cobras so instead of making so many posts and creating so much tension to bash the guy and make him feel like such a pariah to the group....why not just make a simple, informative post like OleGrayCar did.

    We are all here to form alliances, freindships and more importantly, LEARN from one another....which at one point in time we all have by posting.

    94silverbullet, just remember, if it ends with the word "Cobra" and was built from 1993 to present (except for 2000 and 2002 when no Cobras were built), it was built by the SVT Division of Ford. Older Cobras are a different story which does not pertain to this post.

  16. I hope all the negative posters read this post. The posters in other forums I've been to have pretty much been mature and informative. I was starting to wonder about the Cobra click.

    Thanks also for the info. :nice:
  17. Hey we're just messing with you. Its all in good fun. This wasn't too bad, but there has been some serious bashing on here which is too bad.
  18. :cheers:
  19. Which is the CORRECT WAY of sayng it then? Ford Cobra or Ford COBRA SVT or Ford SVT COBRA? What does ford's literature say?

    I always just say "its a Cobra" and everyone understands.

    AND as far as the original question, my first thought also was, "man, this guy really doesent follow the whole Ford Performance Vehicle niche." I mean its been: "the SVT Cobra since its inception in 1993". Just like the SVT Lightning, then the SVT Contour, then the SVT Focus.

    BUT you can also look at it like the Cobra and the Lightning were the only ones of the SVT vehicles to get thier OWN name. The Focus and Contour were still the Focus and Contour, just with the SVT in the name. Maybe in this case the person thought there were Cobra's and Lighning's and then there were the SVT COBRA's and SVT LIGHTNING's, I can kinda understand the little confusion.

    Think if he had asked. "whats the difference between the Focus and the SVT Focus if there are any?" We would have ALL understood that one.