SVT Vs. Roush Vs. Saleen

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SVT or Roush or Saleen?

  1. SVT

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  3. Saleen

  1. Alright guys, I need some help here. whats better to get? the SVT, a Roush or a Saleen? i really want an SVT but the new Roush 360R is pretty mean, and on par with power i belive. and then theres Saleen, i know a guy who owns one and says its the best stang hes over had or seen in his life. what would be the right choice here? Ive heard that the Saleen's and Roush's have more mod's then the SVT that would enhance over all performance, is this true? I know SVT's are generally alot Cheaper, but in these case's do you get what you pay for? whats the advantage to paying more for the others? any help would be great!

  2. Get the 03/04 Cobra. Forged internals from the factory. Fuel system can support a ton of power. The Roush or the Saleen (281-E) might be able to beat the Cobra in the 1/4 mile stock for stock, but for about a grand in mods you will be more than able to beat both those cars and still have paid less money for the Cobra. The Saleens do look sweet though, if thats what you are after.
  3. thanks blk32v, its not really the looks as much as the quality im looking for. i just want the overall best car i can get. which one would be easier and best to modify? with this car im looking for a 1/4 mile terror
  4. In that case, Cobra all the way. Saleens are the non forged 16V's, and Cobras have the 32V forged engines, which can take a lot of power. Everything is basically set up from the factory to handle loads of boost, so its a much better choice for performance.

    With that being said, Saleens look amazing.
  5. Coming from a Saleen guy this may sound sacreligious but If I were you I would find a nice 03/04 Cobra. Hands down the best bang for your buck on the face of the planet.
    Blk32v said it best. A stock S-281E or a 360R out of the wrapper bone stock will kick some serious butt. Both of those cars come with a hefty price tags though.
    However a new blown Cobra can easily and most importantly inexpensively made into a 1/4 mile terror. And if you are careful you can keep a factory warranty also.
    Anyone can make a Mustang very fast with mods, but depending on your "base" car you can spend a lot of money fast.
    In my opinion there are few mustangs that look as good as a Saleen Mustang.
    IMHO only. If my wife would let me I would be in the market for a new 03/04 Cobra. Last of the body style also. :nonono:

  6. You said it better than me :nice:

    That 03-04' Cobra is a screaming son of bank right out of the box :nice: and as stated is a great platform to start off with. I also agree with the looks of a Saleen they are a very slick elagent car to view and I'm sure to drive ;)
  7. so you guys dont think that either the Roush or the Saleen gives you more for the money?
  8. I think it all depends on what your plans are going to be with the car. If you are looking for a real collector car, eye catcher, the Saleen or Roush are it.
    The cobra is just plain bad ass. I like the idea of the motor being so strong.
    Like everyone else said, forged internals is what really got me. You can spend
    $1500 in mods and have the meanest thing around and not have to worry at
    all about the motor handling the power. I would be a little weary of a blown
    2v without forged internals. I personally love the body style and lines of the
    03-04 cobra. I don't need the flash of the body kits of Saleen or Roush. Don't
    get me wrong, they are beautiful cars, but for the price, the cobra is a no brainer. :nice:
  9. hey Dr. Wu 2000, hows your 04 cobra handle? would you say its better then you 00 GT by alot? thats another thing im looking at, I've heard the Saleen's and Roush's have better suspention, is this true?
  10. I just watched Car and Driver on the speed channel last night and they had a Roush stage 3. by the numbers it has a bit less HP and Torque but the price tag was 57,000+ as tested. And it was a close one to the SVT.

    Yes you get the side exhaust and brakes and body kits ect but buy an 03/04 at high end 33,000, and do the nessessaries for no more than 4000.00 (on the extreme high side there) and are looking at them in the rear view all day long...IMO
  11. i saw that car and driver also, it was a pretty hot car, im not all about the looks, just want the best performace car, it sounds like everyone is advising i go SVT
  12. It is not even close. The cobra rides on rails. Because of the IRS, the ride is
    smooth and comfy. I had lowered my gt and the ride was ruff. Don't remember how the ride was stock. Remember, the cobra is a beast, but it
    is a nice riding car also. Stereo rocks, seats are comfy, leather, and it drives
    like a dream. :D People who have driven in my gt ride in this and can't believe
    it is also a mustang. I tell them it's not , it's a COBRA. :worship: As far as the
    handling and suspension being better in a Saleen or Roush, I have never been in one so I don't know how much better a ride it is. The Saleen has
    been known for cutting edge suspension and ride quality, as does Roush
    because of their racing background. Also, great breaks on the cobra.
    Brembo 's all the way around. :drool:
  13. FWIW from a ROUSH guy from wayyyyy back

    OXYMORON ... you can never have it both ways.

    Ride like it's on rails ... tight suspension unforgiving over uneven terrain.
    Smooth and comfy .... in a tight turn you 'float', losing speed and stability.

    FACT: Stock for stock .... a Stage 2 or 3 and S281 will out perform the Cobra in a road course.

    I agree the Cobra would be your best bet for your goals. The 03/04 Cobra will respond better to modifications becasue there is more untapped potential.

    Good luck.
  14. Give me a break. What I was trying to say to the guy was that the ride is great compared to my 2000 gt. If you read my response correctly, you would have seen that I could not say one way or the other if the ride was better than the Saleen or Roush because I have never driven either car. Thanks for making me sound like a fool. :rlaugh: Would you like to correct any of my
    incorrect grammer or spelling while your at it? :shrug: I think he gets the
    idea of what I was trying to say, the new cobra is a great handling and
    driving car. Is that better? :rlaugh: By the way, it is more UNTAPPED potential, not tapped. :nonono: Two can play this game. :nono:
  15. i get what you were trying to say, but its good to hear from a Roush guy, i heard from a saleen guy and lots of cobra guys, now i have opinions from the whole group
  16. you wrote in, answered all of my questions, i test drove all 3 choices, made deliberations, considered all you guys and had your comments in my mind the whole time. guess what i went with? the all mighty and supreme KING COBRA!!!!! i want to thank all of you who helped in this descision. wow it was tough but you guys all helped alot. one more question though? did i pick a good color? i assumed it would be rarer and less common, plus this way i have 2 red and 2 orange. now i need help on mods though, im new to the whole 4V thing and the cobra thing.
  17. Great choice. Comp orange is a nice color. Not my cup of tea, but better than
    yellow, plus a rare color. As far as mods go, CAI is a must right away. Steeda
    is what I installed, others have done KnN, there are some others. Next would be exhaust. They are the big two. Those mods will not void your warranty and get you to around 420rwhp. Now, if warranty is not an issue, pulley swap, chip and you are looking at close to 500rwhp. :eek: Good luck. Keep
    us informed on everything. I am getting exhaust done this week. Either SLP
    or Magnaflow, not sure yet. After exhaust, I am done, no smaller pulley or
    chip. I paid for extended warranty. It's going to be hard knowing for $500
    more your looking at 500hp. :nice:
  18. thanks man, all that sounds good and is on the list, will get tommorow!
  19. I think the cobra has an excellent ride quality... not mushy... definately firm.. but not bumpy like a GT... pot holes are much better... and it does feel like its on rails... I think it is a perfect medium... although a full brace set is what I am saving up for :)

    I am going to do it all at once... I have a white car... so I am going to add some color to it... I am thinking about sonic blue strips starting at the air vents in the hood and ending at the back of the egine hood. Nothing too wild... then having sonic blue STB, rear shock tower brace, and kb matrix braces... all painted sonic blue...
  20. I think those stripes will break up the white nicely. Just don't go crazy with them. By the way, thanks for having my back on this one. :nice: