SVT Vs. Roush Vs. Saleen

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SVT or Roush or Saleen?

  1. SVT

  2. Roush

  3. Saleen

  1. alright, just got, exhaust, intake, and chip. now im thinking of a kenne bell twin screw blower, i saw a tech article in MM&FF's, is this good to do? its kinda expensive with the intercooler but it should be worth it? what do you guys think?
  2. If you have the dough to swap in a Kenne Bell, by all means go for it. I guess the
    warranty is not an issue? The price is pretty reasonble, and you don't need to buy an intercooler, you use the stock one. 03-04 cobra's with a kenne bell
    are animals. You can see 600rwhp with no problem. :eek:
  3. alright, i ordered it, now what? what do i have to do to prepare for it? also with all that new power should i get new gears? im also getting new brakes all around to bring all that power to a halt, any suggestions? thanks!
  4. Can you say unlimited funds. Must be nice. I don't think you need to do anything as far as gears go. Stock gears are 3.55's, unless it is going to be
    a 1/4 mile monster, they should be fine. A cobra street car with a Kenne Bell will eat most
    anything on the road. I think you may have to upgrade to bigger injectors,
    possibly bigger fuel pump. You will definately need a good tune. You are moving pretty quick with this. I'm getting excited. :banana: Keep us up to
    date on what happens. People keep saying to go with an aftermarket short
    throw shifter also. Steeda tri-ax or Pro. 5.0. Think I'm going with the tri-ax.
    Almost forgot about the brakes. I'm not sure I would do anything. Cobra's
    have Brembo's already, don't get much better than them. :shrug:
  5. funny you should mention the shifter, i got a pro5.0, have one on all my cars now, minus the 78, but yeah im looking in to injectors and a fuel pump, im also gonna have to order a new chip for all this, it should be fun though, thanks for all your help man, really apreaciate it!
  6. Glad I could be of some help. :nice: By the way, how is the Pro 5.0?
    I can get the tri-ax for a great price, I can't see there being a huge
    difference between the two. :shrug: Anything has to be better than the
    stock shifter. I wouldn't really know, I never even drove a stick before
    buying the cobra. :rlaugh:
  7. well, in my GT before i got it i would some times miss 3rd and go into 5th, that made me mad, and confused because, not bragging or anything, but im a pretty good driver. when i got the pro 5.0 i never had that problem again. in the cobra i didnt even take the chance of missing and went straight for the pro5.0. im sure the tri-ax is just as good, i cant see why not. but when i was looking they appeared to be the same price
  8. Lets clear something up here about the brakes. The rotors are brembo, the calipers are 2 piston PBR's. The same brakes that have been on cobras since 94 and on C4's. So you can't say the car has brembos all the way around, it only has brembo rotors.
  9. That's what I said, Brembo's all the way around, meaning on all 4 corners.
    I should have been more specific about being just the rotors. :doh:
  10. i need new brakes! my god, i just got my KB blower, this thing is fast! im going to dyno it this very night! i will post what i get right after i get back, but anyway, i pulled up next to a 50th vette, you know that sweet lookin red one? anyway he was reving at me! so, i couldnt let that go by, i slamed it, by the time i looked at my speed i was doing 100! in a 45! i had to stop quick and i wasnt sure how hard to hit the brakes, but i did pretty hard, i would definatly like some stonger brakes. i have a complete Roush kit on my GT, would that be good for the cobra? thanks for all the help guys!
  11. MustangGTO3281 Post some pics of your new ride with your new blower. We are all excited about the guy who purchased a 04 Cobra installed all those mods and ordered, recieved and installed that Kenne Bell blower in under 3 days!
    Let's see some awesome pics of the new comp orange ride. I have yet to see an orange one with the KB blower!
    Waiting for pic's. :nice:
  12. That Kenne Bell is already installed. Didn't you just order it like 2 days ago.
    Please post pics because I am beginning to wonder. :confused:
    Maybe Kenne Bell had on in stock, shipped it UPS red, and your shop installed
    it in one day. :shrug:
  13. dont have a digital camera right now, sold mine to my bro, i guess i could get another one, whats a good one for about 250-300 bucks? i could use my scanner but the pics would come out bad. Now i have an even bigger problem, this guy want to buy my 96, and i would like more cash for my cobra, should i do it? no sense in having to orange cars right? my only problem is this guy is going to "rice" it up, i know it. not sure i can stand seeing that on the road. with the blower, the speed shop i use got it faster cause i paid extra money to get it fast, plus they have many employees to work their customers. its always the same guy on my cars, and jim if your out there thanks man! unless there is to much work to do himself, then he gets help. this shop is pretty new, about 3 months ago, but they are great! fast and reliable service, when i got the blower i droped the car off in the morning and got a ride to work from my brother, then after work we went back and it was done! im starting to wonder if i should do anything on my car, or just take it to good ol' jim for all my work! a bonus is these guys are pretty cheap
  14. bri, you are dumb. get rid of that stupid looking 78, your grass is going to die, and thats worth more then the car. and get rid of that dumb 96, it has a wimpy 4.6, i'll take that supercharger though, if it will work in my car. you going to the strip tonite? let me know cause your cell's not workin
  15. did the shop not tune the car before giving it back to you?
  16. Stop responding to this thread. He was found to be a phony. :notnice:
  17. ....

    I depends what you are looking for. If you love the the package Saleen or ROush offers than go for it.

    If you're not sure, then you should go with the SVT and customize it to your liking. You definetely get the most out of your money going SVT....and with the 03-04 cobras you get a motor that can handle more power than the standard Saleen or ROush from what I understand.

    IMOP Saleen and ROush Stangs are just customized stangs and its more fun to do it yourself and get something more original....also cheaper...

    I havent seen any Saleens or rOUSH Stangs doing anything real impressive at the drag strip...but I guess they are more set up for the street