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  1. OK im sick of this, and i know it was featured in hot rod magazine...but ummm i really cant believe what they said. Can the STI's AWD really account for the cobra's extra 100+ hp it has on the STI?
  2. Unfortunately,for the most part yes. Stock for stock (No TIRE CHANGE!) on the dragstrip your average driver will turn similar times with the two cars. Add some slicks or drag radials and the tide starts to turn in the cobra's favor.
  3. YUP! Specially when both vehicles are BONE stock and the track is very slick! AWD cars will own us Cobra's with their superior 60' times. If you look at the trap speeds in that article you'll see that the Cobra was eating the STI's lunch just as they hit the 1/4 mile mark. Don't let it get to you.... Let the STI owners think they can out run the snakes.... makes it all that much more sweet when you smoke 'em!

  4. I would like to see what an STi would do against my Cobra on the top end. No contest.
  5. Probably irrelevant to some - but dont forget - our cars sound and look better.

  6. like i've said in previous messages....race it from a roll and you'll own that sti...
  7. I know...but who races from a roll....i wanna be able to own it from dig :-(
  8. All i hear is..."your getting a cobra?!?! hahah, my sti will own you." I really just want to slap him in the face...i mean the thing is a friggen go kart with a ridiculous wing on the back.

    Once i get my cobra im determined to shove it in their face
  9. The STi doesn't even come with a much fun is that? :rolleyes:

  10. [​IMG]

    Looks like a frog


  11. stock vs stock, 03 Cobra would rape an sti
  12. That just isn't true... But, seriously, who cares about stock cars?
  13. You could always look at the price....35,000 for a supercharged DOHC v8 or 30,000+ for a turbo 4 without a what you really need to worry about is those srt-4s. Ive seen some with under a grand in mods that will laugh at subaru sti's.
  14. ahhhh


    I go by what I see at the track....not what i read in magazines. Stock vs. have to also remember that the cobra dynos in the 380s at the rear wheels.. Fords underrated it..

    As far as mods. I saw one modded Subaru last season running low 13s, but at the end of the day it limped home....sounded terrible..something broke....but what can you expect from a cheap fast car with AWD? Somethings got to go. It cant handle any more power than it comes with IMOP...from what I witnessed at the track. (at the drag strip)

    Not sure how you can compare anyway cause the SUBaru looks like 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' compared to a Mustang....its a cheap four door car.... how can you can you even compare it to a stang? The Subaru would be a fun quick little commuter/beater...if you can stomach its looks....
  15. I'd like to try to take one on from the line. As for the rolling start. I was in Bellevue and one wanted to play. He got me on the on ramp. Sharp right hand turn on to the freeway(one lane). When we got on to the hwy he got :owned: . I even got a :nice: from the driver when I slowed down and he caught up to me.
  16. Whether you want to admit it or not, the STi and Slowbra are in direct competition (at least in the market, not necessarily at every track...). And the Subarus you are talking about cannot really be compared to an STi. In the world of Subarus, the Sti is to the standard WRX as the current Cobra is to the current GT. STi's are very, very fast for what they are. And they are good cars. You can't take anything away from Subaru on that one--except for maybe the wing. That huge scoop actually helps airflow over the intercooler (it's a top mount, btw) and is therefore a performance advantage.

    A friend of mine with an 03 Cobra owned an STi before the Cobra and he says they perform in very different ways. He loves both cars, but it's a lot cheaper and easier to make the Cobra faster.

    In the end, it's just up to what you prefer and how much money you can blow on the car. But don't go off about how the STi doesn't deserve to be compared to the almighty Cobra. Cause it does. It is an honest competitor and a great performer.
  17. Nice post in which I agree with you but just be a little careful on the :mad: "Slowbra" stuff :damnit:
  18. sounds like a ricers excuse to say even though us cobras are slower, we look better and sound better.
  19. A frog that never came to the states. That is the old STi. The one that is here doesn't look like that.

    BTW, I still say that average driver vs. average driver the Cobra is going to run better times. Some Cobras hit mid 12s stock, ZERO STi's do that. The average STi probably does 13.2-13.3 or so while the average Cobra probably does 13.0.