swap 3.8 to 5.0

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  1. I have a 2000 v6 and i want to swap it for a efi 5.0. I was wondering what year of 5.0 would be the best and a list of everything i need to install it the right way.
  2. Basically you'll need a 94 or 95 GT donor car and swap every single wire harness in the car along with rear end, fuel lines, computer, gauge cluster, etc...

    I'm doing this swap right now, check it out in the 94-95 Talk section of Stangnet!
  3. Why wud you have to have the rearend out of a 94-95 GT?
  4. the v6's only have a 7.5" non-posi..... the 5.0's have the 8.8" posi
  5. Because if you're already into the 94/95 donor car for some cash you might as well run the rear end that is available to you. I myself am in this dilemma right now: do I run the 94/95 and lose about 1.5" total width in the rear or do I sell it and try in vain to locate a 99-04 rear.
  6. Iz jus curious, cause my wife has an 01 3.8, and if It ever give me any trouble, Its getting V8 pushrod power to!!!! Im not very familiar with the SN95s as Im a Fox man myself.
  7. Is it possible?

    Would it be possible to swap a 2000 3.8L with the new 5.0L out of the 2011 Mustang?
  8. Anything is possible, we just gauge whether we should do it or not by how mechanically inclined we are and how deep our pockets are.
  9. Yeah, couldn't agree more. If you want to do that, I would just buy an older generation GT with the money that would cost.
  10. From the inside of the car the older 94-98 Mustangs are essentially the same car. But to me the 94-95 GT just looks too girly. The Cobra helped with that just a little bit. I love the new edge design, but I'm all thumbs when it comes to working on mod motors...so the 5.0 in a 99 seemed like the right thing to do.

    And besides that, after a year of trying, I couldn't get my 94 GT titled (it had been deemed a total loss by the previous owner's insurance company). So to enjoy what my 94 was it was either find another 94 body or do the new edge. I chose the latter.
  11. I probably would have too. A total loss, wow that's too bad. I also think the 94-95 could look a bit better. But the GTs did come with the 5.0 and i wish some of the 99-04s did as well. How hard was the swap and where did you find the engine at? Ive been looking at some salvage yards for a little 4.6, 5.0s are a little hard to find :(
  12. Ah. Looks like an awesome project. Definitely did all your homework :nice: