swap 6 for 8

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  1. has anyone swapped a 6 for an 8 cylinder? i need input on what all is involved. thanks
  2. Complete 302 Based Engine
    94-95 Upper Intake
    94-95 TB
    94-95 timing cover
    94-95 water pump
    94-95 accesory brackets
    94-95 motor mounts

    94-95 headers

    94-95 EEC
    Main EEC to engine bay harness
    Engine harness
    New or extended alt harness
    Tranny harness

    A/C plumbing (if you want A/C)
    94-95 induction tube
    Smog pump system
    Throttle cable
    Serp belt
    Upper radiator hose

    94-95 02's
    94-95 EGR and sensor
    94-95 fuel hoses
    TFI (Ignition control) module
    CCRM (fan, fuel pump, etc controller)
    TAB, TAD, EVR (3 emmissions things in fender)

    If you want to reuse your V6 power steering compressor you have to grind a notch in the V8 assecories bracket.
    (I got this parts list from a webpage over the internet before i started to do the swap. I didnt have to make a notch in anyhting yet)

    after all the love and work i put into my car i have to sell it. i can afford to bring it to arizona. atleast ill have my memories. i hope this list helps you. it helped me. im really depressed right now. gonna take some vikadins. good luck

    *All of this came from a post by MustangSoonGT who did the swap a couple of months ago. If somethings off, then remember I'm just the messenger. :D
  3. thanks

    thanks for the input, but i have a 98 cobra motor and tranny to slide into a 94 vert. anyone with anymore knowledge
  4. Oh...that would have helped in the first post :)
  5. new suspension for heavier engine
  6. helolo its me mustang soon gt. DONT DO IT. if you have a 94/5 v6 swap a 5.0 if you have a 96/8 v6 then go for the cobra motor. these swaps are pretty much plug and play. to take a 96 up v8 and put it in a 94/5 you need to do some custom welding for the mounts. any questions email me at [email protected]
  7. don't forget about the rearend you need to beef it up and radiator