Swap a 5.0 into a 99+GT?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by KickerStang, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. i have seen a blown 5.0 in a 99 vert...guy from Toronto has it ... Joe DaSilva did the swap...not too hard but still more hassle than i'd wanna have...

    but a 347 in a 99+ would be bad ass no doubt about it...
  2. What car doesn't? How much do you think a 5.0 would dyno at w/decent heads, cam, intake?

    The reason why I say decent is because the stock heads ect are crap as opposed to the PI heads. I think ford did a good job putting these PI heads on our cars, but imagine if they put decent heads ect on the 5.0s.
  3. -4.6
    P&P heads and cams are worth 30 RWHP
    no real need to mess with the stock 2V intake period. Just a little P&P
    Longtubes gave me +20 RWHP
    Now when all that is supercharged as you said you'd do to your 5.0 also, and with the correct internal mods. Close to 500 RWHP possible -
    4.6 is not so bad :rolleyes:
  4. Isn't that the point though, all you have to do is slap a blower on a 4.6 with a couple of other tweeks and you're approaching 400 rwhp. Not including aftermarket heads, cam and intake?
  5. You have to look harder, Wynn Speed has 2V heads for $989 a set, guaranteed to make 40hp. (Sept.03 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford pg110)

    Reichards intake manifold is bad.. with a blower even badder.
    Very good article about it (Aug 03 5.0 Mustang pg 141)

    Roxanne Shepards car gained 85.3hp and 68.9 ft/lbs of torque with the livernois cams. (Sept.03 5.0 Mustang, pg 135)

    No one runs shorty headers on a 4.6 tho, Long tubes are the way to go. Headers with blower = huge hp gain.

    And you'd still have an out of date dinosaur in your brand new, $20,000 sports car!

    Mind you, Im not trying to be an *$$.. Im just trying to play devils advocate if you will and defend the best motor Fords ever come up with.
  6. just info

    ALL 4.6 heads, blocks are compatible

  7. KickerStang, I'll trade ya my stock 95' 302 for your '01 281 if ya really want.
  8. GT black, can you give me some reference material to prove this. I dont think the Cobra and GT block are the same, and you cant just swap cobra heads and intakes otherwise every GT looking for more power would have done this already. If it is true, why are people scrambling to get their hands on a Cobra crate motor for $3100?

    Dale-Those are PI heads, not aftermarket heads. That 40HP is over a stock head on a 96-98GT not a 99-03GT. The Reichard Racing intake is great on blown cars, not on NA. People are losing low end TQ and not gaining HP on NA applications. What else did Livernois have on that car hmmm? Definately not NA and if I remember correctly it was on a stroked 4.6. You are correct shorties are a waste on the 2V LTs are the way to go, but if you ask me LTs are the way to go on the 5.0s too.

    68-People are having a very hard time gaining 30HP on P&P alone, that is usually with cams. 500RWHP is not too shabby, but you have to forge the whole motor to sustain that kind of power, not just as easy as correcting internal mods, you are talking whole new engine. Why not start right with more displacement. I am disappointed in you. Of all people you should be defending the 302. And I think you could put down more than 500+RWHP with a 5.0 with same mods dont you?
  10. :lol: Ha good call ! Sorry to disappoint you - you're right my 68 does have a 302 ! I kinda feel bad now. Not :D - anyway my 4.6 will stomp a mud hole in my 302 though, and it's not exactly stock either. Yes I think both combos can produce 500 RWHP, but by the time you go through the whole hassle to buy, and build a whole new 5.0 to do so, and get it in there it seems to build an already existing 4.6 to do the same will be cheaper, and easier. :shrug:
    BTW - what I said about 30 RWHP did include P&P heads, AND cams :nice:
    No edit on that one see for yourself - :flame: :stick: :D
  11. Well, of course I would not replace a perfectly running 4.6 because then your logic would be correct. I was thinking 5-10 years down the road if/when it gives up the ghost. Lets say I shoot 150shot on this car and the motor gives...I am going to have to spend upwards of $3000 for a new shortblock why not get a GT-40 crate motor for the same price? It is lighter than the 4.6. Makes more HP than the 4.6. That is all, just thinking of possiblities. I have heard of fox bodies running mod motors but not 99GTs running pushrods.
  12. My 4.6 car is almost in the 12 second range and its almost stock really. Ive done a few bolt ons and the blower. I have stock tires and stock gear. My a/c works perfectly, and Ive lightened it up some, but it still retains full functionality. Ill drive my car to Florida, California or anywhere else for that matter tomorrow! Can you do that with a 12 second 5.0 car? My 87 GT was a turd compared to my 01 GT. Give it time, mods are the future. The 302 is dead.
  13. Humm. Now we're getting somewhere.
    So if you wanted 500 RWHP w/in 2-3 weeks what would you do ?
    Cost being an issue. :drool:
    I think that's what everyone thought you were saying here since you never stated your were thinking of a someday project. Besides by then who knows what all will be available for the 4.6 - We may have as many or more, and maybe better parts available for a 4.6 as a 5.0 :shrug:
  15. Your car is not even close to stock! I am almost in the 12 second range WITHOUT a blower!

    You can have a 5.0 w/AC, lightened up some, and drive it across country, slap a blower on it and hit 12's no problem. What is your point?

    Hell, you could do it NA if you just get gears, h/c/i and good driving. You dont even need that much. My buddy has a 91Notch with just LTs, o/r h pipe, catback, pullies, timing bumped, CAI, and he hits high 12's. Yes, he has the A/C and smog eliminated, but the point is you can do it even more so with a blower and a/c, smog, ect.
  17. Its never been apart, Its got bigger injectors, bigger mass air and different spark plugs to support the blower. Its never been apart, nothing is ported, stock manifolds.. My car has bolt ons and a blower!

    You just made my point, your car goes almost 12s WITHOUT all this other crap that makes your car a pain in the *$$ to drive every day!!!!

    I dont have all that stuff and Ive got a convertible to boot!

  18. Do your research, you'll find that all blocks and heads are compatible. Cranks are not though, you would however have to modify the timing chain guides to use 4v heads on an orig 2v block. Most people dont switch heads because the 2v is kinda cool to most people and makes more torque in the lower rpm range.

    PS Dale, get some DR's or something you should be very low 12's if not better.
  19. Great, your internals are stock, not your CAR. Your cobra killer blower kit is an awesome kit and probably added about 130HP, how can you not consider that a MAJOR bolt on. You can hit 12's NA just as you could with my car, just with the right mods, but they dont make it a pain in the ass to drive as a daily driver.

    Ok, you dont have gears and your car is a vert. I am not crying for you because you have a killer s/c kit. You throw on some gears and learn how to drive and you have a 11 second vert.
  20. I will have to look into this and see if it is worth it. I thought there was a difference between cobra and GT blocks.