swap a 5.4 into a 2001 f150 with a 4.6

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by horse sence, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. i have a 2001 f15o with a 4.6 ,i picked up a 5.4 with only 50,000 miles on it
    i would like to swap it out ,does any one know if the wiring harness is the same?
    it looks the same i have the computer for the 5.4 i am sure that will have to be swaped
    i have the key and switch as well for the 5.4. realy dont want to change the wiring harness
    that would be a night mare. i also here you have to lift the cab to remove the motor, but i
    am planning on drilling loose the front approns and slipping the motor out the front then
    welding the approns back when the swap is done, what do you think?