Swap Time


New Member
Mar 25, 2020
Time to beat the dead horse. I have a 99 V6 5 speed and I bought a 03 GT wrecked with a built motor, new clutch and new rear gears. I bought it specifically to swap the drive train over to my 99. So now that I have a complete running and driving donor car. What are some of the things I need, is there a detailed write up somewhere out there I haven't been able to find. I know I obviously need Motor, Transmission, Rear End, wiring harness on the motor, wiring harness from motor to ecu? Trans wiring harness and harness to ecu, ECU, CCRM, hydraboost, Cluster, ignition? PATS ring? AC lines? coolant tank. Just some things that I have questions about. Please advise.


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