swapping 07 v6 to a v8

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  1. everyone would agree with that, it's not worth it. But that wasn't the OP's question. He asked how difficult it was.
  2. The funny thing is, according to the moderator control panel his last activity was 9/21/09 at 16:18, or exactly when this thread was posted. He asked it, then never returned to see the answers.
  3. Yeah I figured, just further warrants my side of buy a GT.

    Funny too how wht v6 vert hasn't been on for a full year.....and then..... :ninja:
  4. Ok ok ok

    So I read all of the posts and yes I will agree that the swap would be very involved. But I kinda like the idea of being different. My questions is why settle for a 4.6 3V why not go big or go home, drop in a 5.4L or a 5.4L 4V from a GT 500. Now you are talking a bad ass sleeper. I looked into the 4.6 swap and ya you can find wrecked GT's all day long, but with a supercharger your V6 can make GT power. So why do the 4.6 3V it has high compression and it isn't really going to get you much over 500hp with out blowing up. I say put a supercharger on your V6 or Drop in the big boy, and don't waist your time and money on the GT motor. I have another question for you guys, I bought a Predator for my 08 4.0 the other day, on the box it said that it would work on the V6, GT, and GT500. So my question is if the same programer works on all 3 out of the box just how different are the ECU's on the Mustangs?
  5. Programmers are not really out of the box since they have to be programmed before use. :)
  6. Yes Fang that is true, but when they ship it to you it comes in a box. When you take it out of said box, it will hook up and program any of the three different mustangs.